Muk Bass Level is usually displayed. This guide will help you isolate the problem if the unit is at fault. Products purchased in the Canada are covered only in the Canada. Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to problem with Alpine CDA You may notice the CD playback sound wavering due to condensation. Bass Level setting is usually displayed. Track are played back in RPT: Speaker mechanical failure e.

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F ailure to heed them can result in serious injury or death. Any function that requires your prolonged attention should only be performed after coming to a complete stop. Always stop th Hold the disc so you will not leav e fingerprints on the surface. Do not af fix tape, paper , or Do not leave the disc in the car or t Initial System Start-Up Be s The audio level will decrease by about 20 dB. Pressing MUTE again will bring the audio bac k to its previous le ve Holding down g or f will change the frequency continuously.

Manual Storing of Station Presets 1 Select the radio band and tune in a desired radio station you wish to store in the preset memory. The movable display will open. The disc will be pulled into the unit automatically. The movable display will close and playback will begin. The mode will change every time the butto The track file will be played repeatedly. Press 4 again and select OFF to deactivate r epeat play. The first 10 seconds of each track file will be played back in succession.

To stop scanning, pr ess 6 and deactivate the Scan mode. What is MP3? The unit returns to normal mode. Pressing and holding MENU for at least 2 seconds will re turn to nor mal mode.

T ext information, such as the disc name and the track name, will be displayed if playing a CD text compatible disc. It is also possible to display the folder name, the The first character will b link. The selected station is stored. Each press changes the sear ch mode.

CD playbac k sound is wavering. CD insertion not possible Press the magazine eject b utton and pull out the magazine. Check the indication. Alpine CDA - page 31 30 -EN Installation and Connections Before installing or connecting the unit, please read the fo llowing and pages 3 to 5 of this manual thor oughly fo r proper use. F ailure to make the proper connections may result in f ire or product damage.

Check with yo If the detachable fr ont panel is r emoved during installation, you might pr ess too hard and warp the metal plate that holds it in place. If blocked, Do not use this lead to turn on an amplifier , or a signal pr ocessor , etc. We suggest that you read it thoroughly.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Dealer or contact Alpine at one of the telephone numbers listed below. More musical selections, more versatility , more convenience.

The CHA Une nouv Appuyez sur MENU pendant au moins 2 secondes pour r evenir au mode normal. Chaque pression change le mode de r echerche.

Insertion d Appuyez sur la touche Alpine sont heureuses de vous offrir cette garantie. Sujete los discos de forma que no queden huellas dactilares en su superficie. No peg No deje el disco e Cuando vue Almacenamiento manual de emisoras 1 Seleccione la banda y sintonice la emisora que desee almacenar en la memoria. Para detener el escaneo, pulse 6 y desactive el modo Scan. Sistemas de archiv o correspondientes Este dispositivo admite discos formateados con ISO nivel 1 o 2.

La unidad vuelve al modo normal. La emisora seleccionada se guarda. Mediante el uso del KCAC dis Questi sono tra gli altri: - disegni tecnici Alpine.


Alpine CDA9857 Owner's Manual



Alpine CDA-9851 Owner's Manual



Alpine CDA-9851 CD Player In Dash Receiver


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