No hay notas en la diapositiva. Csr of amul 1. Verghese Kurien. Why CSR? Initiatives 1.

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The project envisages encouraging the farmers to use high yielding animals and modern aids to increase milk production. The Union provides technical support to milk producers on Scientific Animal Husbandry practices and also facilitates loan disbursement from banks to the needy by guaranteeing the loan repayment on behalf of farmers. The Dairy Demonstration Farm is generating overwhelming interest in milk producer members because of its success and viability.

So far, under various schemes, thousands of farmers are covered to increase the cattle holding size from small to medium size Tree Plantation In , the unfair trade practises of the middle men brought the farmers of Kaira to unite and fight against this system which brought Amul into existence. Their relentless effort in improving their socio-economic conditions ultimately brought their working as a model for dairy development programme in our country — popularly known as Anand Pattern.

Replication of Anand Pattern through Operation Flood programme helped India to achieve first position in production of milk in the world. Alarmed by the climate change and global warming and their understanding of that dairy farming like agriculture is dependent on nature, they took an oath on 15th August, , after the flag hoisting ceremony, to plant a sapling and ensure that it grew into a tree. Then individually they planted sapling on their own at their identified locations like their farm, near their home, on farm bunds, etc.

This marked the beginning of a silent new revolution to bring a green carpet on Gujarat and India. In the year , 21, saplings were planted by the farmers in Kaira of which 10, plants have survived. In the following year , they planted more than 5,05, saplings of which 1,79, have survived. In , third year of their movement, more than 13,51, saplings have been planted. Farmers have also created nurseries to produce saplings and almost 45 such nurseries have been created as of date.

For better coordination and sustainable success, Teams have been formed at various levels. According to statistics of Forest Survey of India considering on an average cm diameter of these trees, trees would provide one hectare of green tree cover. By doing so, milk producers of Gujarat Dairy Cooperatives have shown their concern, awareness and commitment for betterment of environment.

It has been estimated that when one tree is cut, in monetary terms there is loss or Rs. But the benefits that accrue to mankind when a tree is planted cannot be measured in money and is priceless.

In an era of global warming, Amul is contributing its share in making Gujarat lush green. In this way, the milk producers of Gujarat are ushering in a silent revolution of greening Gujarat.



Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way Updated: Aug 7 , am hrs Corporate social responsibility CSR has been defined as the commitment of business to contribute to sustainable economic development working with employees, their families, the local community, and society at large to improve their quality of life, in ways that are both good for business and good for development. To meet with the CSR it is expected that a business in its entire procurement-production-processing-marketing chain should focus on human development involving the producer, the worker, the supplier, the consumer, the civil society, and the environment. Indeed, a very tough task. Most businesses would certainly flounder in not being able to achieve at least one or many of those expectations. But AMUL has shown the way.


CSR Initiatives

The voluntary compliance of social and ecological responsibility of companies iscalled Corporate Social Responsibility CSR. Corporate social responsibility is basically a concept whereby companies decidevoluntarily to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment. Corporate socialresponsibility is represented by the contributions undertaken by companies to societythrough its business activities and its social investment. This is also to connect the Concept of sustainable development to the companys level. Over the last years an increasing number of companies worldwide started promotingtheir Corporate Social Responsibility strategies because the customers, the public andthe investors expect them to act sustainable as well as responsible. In most cases CSRis a result of a variety of social, environmental and economic pressures. The Term Corporate Social Responsibility is imprecise and its application differs.


Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

Negor Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way Typically in business, what gets measured gets managed, and as long as the right metrics system is created and data is tracked accurately, almost any environmental CSR initiative can yield positive results. ARDA has significantly helped in managing the livestock of farmers thereby their income, livelihood and quality of life. What do I need to do? Each centre is equipped with an electronic milko-tester for testing dsr of milk, automatic weighing machine for weighing of milk with data processing facilities. After flag hoisting ceremony, the tree plantation activity was executed by the producer members. Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way This effort has motivated greatly children to excel in their studies and spread education in amyl areas. It is a Union of primary village co-operative societies within a district.


The information submitted in the project is true and original to the best of our knowledge. I, would like to express my gratitude towards my Prof. Shruti Naik, for giving me an opportunity prepare a project on Corporate Social Responsibility of Amul. I take immense pleasure in thanking my thesis guide Prof. Shruti Naik. Last but not the least I would like to thank my family and friends for their continuous support and help.

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