The refractive index increases with increasing chain length and increasing unsaturation, whereas the density decreases with increasing chain length and decreasing unsaturation. Molecules in the mixture are separated because of their differing affinities for the matrix in the column. The aqueous phase is then decanted off, and the concentration of lipid in the solvent soxhler determined by evaporating the solvent and measuring the mass of lipid remaining: It is often of practical importance to have an oil which does soxlet crystallize when stored at 0oC for prolonged periods. Initially, starch is added to the solution that contains the iodine and the solution goes a dark blue. Even so there is always some concern that the results of accelerated tests do not adequately model lipid oxidation in real systems.

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Dourisar Then, the solution is titrated with a sodium thiosulfate solution of known molarity. Kemudian padatan yang telah halus dibungkus dengan kertas saring. This procedure is inexpensive and allows rapid analysis of lipids in fatty foods. Some of the ICl reacts with the double bonds in the unsaturated lipids, while the rest remains: Foods which contain high concentrations of unsaturated lipids are particularly susceptible to lipid oxidation, which can lead to theformation of undesirable off-flavors and aromas, as well as potentially toxic compounds e. Grinding is often skxhlet out at low temperatures to reduce the tendency for lipid oxidation to occur. Komposisi kimia dalam biji dan minyak kemiri setiap gram daging biji kemiri mengandung Ketaren. The sample is heated in the injection chamber to volatilize the FAMES and then carried into the separating column by a heated carrier gas.


Analisis Kadar Lemak Dengan Metode Soxhlet

Jutaxe IR is particularly useful for rapid and on-line analysis of lipid content once a suitable calibration curve has been developed. The solid fat content is defined as the percentage of the total lipid that is solid at a particular temperature, i. The flow of foods through pipes or the ease at which they can be packed into containers are also determined by their rheology. These methods artificially increase soxhleg rate of lipid oxidation by exposing the lipid to heat, oxygen, metal catalysts, light or enzymes. Konsentrasi Reaksi refluks Re-kristalisasi This procedure may have to be repeated a number of times to improve the efficiency of the extraction process. Instruments based on this principle heat the food sample to be analyzed in a pressurized chamber and then mix supercritical CO2 fluid with it. Sampel yang digunakan dan yang dipisahkan dengan metode ini berbentuk padatan.

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