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These valves are built for durability, reliability, and fast response time, leaving all other solenoid competitors in the dust. Each size in the ASCO series has been proven to be tried and true for general service applications. These 3-way, brass, solenoid valves offer fast and safe switching, while also containing a configuration for dual current wiring options AC or DC.

Not only are they known for their longevity, but they are also highly versatile. That is why the brand commands a global respect it has clearly earned.

When it comes to solenoid valve technology, ASCO is considered to be the leaders of innovation. After all, they are known to be the first company to develop and manufacture an electrically charged control device. The ASCO is comprised of coil, core tube, core, and enclosure. This series consists of three pipe connections and two orifices. This means that when one orifice is open, the other is closed and vice versa, switching the outflow between the two outlet ports. These particular valves are commonly used to alternately apply pressure to an exhaust pressure from a valve actuator or a single acting cylinder.

These valves can be used in many diverse and unique system applications, including irrigation sprinkler systems, and domestic washing machines.


Asco 8320G184 PLC



ASCO 8320G184-24DC - 1/4", Brass, 3 Way, Solenoid Valve


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