Central Command for the Middle East , the still new newspaper made its name through the controversy surrounding the Egypt—Israel Peace Treaty. He claimed that this anti-Semitism had led to the Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries. It is this education that prompted thousands of Jews were citizens of Arab countries to emigrate after the establishment of the State of Israel. When Sheikh Hamad denied the allegations in the first story, Asharq Al Awsat printed a second article, accusing him of lying. A third piece, written by Alhomayed himself, repeated the claims.

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A pioneer of the "off-shore" model in the Arabic press, the paper is noted for its distinctive green-tinted pages; the New York Times in called Asharq al-Awsat "one of the oldest and most influential in the region". Although published under the name of a private company, the Saudi Research and Marketing Group , the paper was founded with the approval of the Saudi royal family and government ministers, is noted for its support of the Saudi government; the newspaper is owned by a member of the Saudi royal family.

Launched in London in , printed on four continents in 14 cities; the paper is billed as "the leading Arab daily newspaper", calls itself "the premier pan-Arab daily newspaper" based on the fact that past estimates of its circulation have given it the largest circulation of the off-shore Pan-Arab dailies, a category including its chief competitor Al-Hayat.

However, reliable estimates are available only from the early s, before rival Al-Hayat launched a massive effort to increase circulation in Saudi Arabia.

The daily was launched in Former editor-in-chief Othman Al Omeir has given credit to the brothers and Mohammad Hafiz, for founding and overseeing the paper. Together with El Khazen, the brothers set out to prove the value of the idea through a number of trial issues to the then-Crown Prince and king Fahd, who had warmed to the thought but lost his enthusiasm. Khazen reminisced about the events, saying: "I think that this press conference was worth a million dollars of free publicity for the newspaper, which since became the subject of interest for many foreign governments and the foreign media.

Former editor was Tariq Alhomayed whose leadership earned mixed reviews as it was associated with much criticism of Asharq Al-Awsat.

On 1 January , Al Toraifi replaced Alhomayed as editor of the paper. In April , Saudi journalist businessman Hussein Shobakshi published a column in Asharq Al-Awsat in which he condemned the prevalence of anti-Semitism in Islamic culture, he claimed that this anti-Semitism had led to the Jewish exodus from Muslim countries. It is this education that prompted thousands of Jews were citizens of Arab countries to emigrate after the establishment of the State of Israel.

It has a single tubular, shiny dark green leaf and up to thirty five scented, yellowish to brownish green and white flowers, it is only known from a single population growing in woodland near Inverell. Prasophyllum brevisepalum is a terrestrial , deciduous , herb with an underground tuber and a single shiny, dark green, tube-shaped leaf, — mm long and 3—5 mm wide with a purplish base.

Between fifteen and thirty five flowers are crowded along a flowering spike — mm long, reaching to a height of up to mm; the flowers are sweetly yellowish to brownish green. As with others in the genus , the flowers are inverted so that the labellum is above the column rather than below it; the dorsal sepal is egg-shaped to lance-shaped, 7—9 mm long, about 3 mm wide and has three to five darker veins and a pointed tip. The lateral sepals are linear to lance-shaped, 6 -- about 3 mm wide and curved forwards; the petals are white with linear, 7 -- 8 mm long and 1 -- 2 mm wide.

The labellum is white, oblong, 8. There is a lance-shaped to egg-shaped yellow to yellowish-green callus in the centre of the labellum, extending well past the bend. Flowering occurs between mid October. Prasophyllum brevisepalum was first formally described in by David Jones and Lachlan Copeland from a specimen collected near Inverell and the description was published in Australian Orchid Review ; the specific epithet is derived from the Latin word brevis meaning "short", the New Latin word sepalum meaning "sepal", referring to the short sepals of this species.

This leek orchid grows in grassy woodland at altitudes of about m near Inverell where it is only known from a single population growing in soil derived from basalt Cessna Conquest II The Cessna Conquest II is the first turboprop powered aircraft designed by Cessna and was meant to fill the gap between their jets and piston-engined aircraft. It was developed in November , with the first aircraft delivered in September , it is 8 -- 9 passenger turbine development of the Cessna Titan.

The original design from for this aircraft was known as the Model and was to be powered by Continental GTSIOX engines with three bladed propellers. By the designed evolved into the turboprop powered Model , it was certified by the FAA on August 19, Cessna renamed the model the Conquest II in A smaller aircraft was marketed as the Cessna Conquest I , itself a turbine development of the Cessna In Summer , Cessna limited the Conquest II to 22, hours of air time for US for air carriers, an advise only for private operators.

Cessna built units from through With six to nine seats, its 6,—6, lb BOW allows a — lb payload at full fuel, but MTOW can be increased by lb with aftermarket modifications. Converting from the standard three blade propellers to smaller diameter Hartzell four blade propellers results in a climb rate improved by fpm and a 5 kn increase in cruise speed as well as reducing cabin noise and improving ground clearance; the aircraft has a ground roll of 1, ft on takeoff.

The high aspect ratio wings use bonded construction techniques; the ICAO designator for the Cessna Conquest as used in flight plans is C The King Air B has a roomier cabin but nmi less range, a slower cruise and higher fuel burn.

The Piper Cheyenne burns fuel like a light jet; the Conquest is operated by corporate owners, air charter operators and by the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia. Nielsen , was a real estate speculator in Oregon, his efforts helped to create a Danish farming community in Oregon.

The annual Scandinavian Festival would not exist without Mr. In , A. Nielsen left Tyler and purchased at auction acres east of Junction City, in an area now in the vicinity of Dane Lane; the land was auctioned by F.

Plank and Company for Gait C. Nielsen placed advertisements in a Danish language newspaper, the Dannevirke , in Cedar Falls , for parcels of 10 to 60 acres. Another publication to carry the advertisements was Den Danske Pioneer in Nebraska ; the farms were purchased by European immigrants, many born in Denmark, within a few months the Danish colony came into existence.

In , Berglund joined the International Ice Hockey Federation as a treasurer and he worked with the organization until as their Minister of Finance.

Institut Polaire formed as a three piece in by an American ex-pat , an English born scientist and a country boy moved to the big city. Institut Polaire has grown from three piece roots into a full-blown collective who number between seven and nine members toting everything from vintage Wurlitzer pianos to violins, trumpets, MacBooks and glockenspiels. I think. And I suspect we may take some people by surprise with the records we put out this year.

In February Institut Polaire announced that they have been signed as the first Australian artist on Popfrenzy Records. The EP debuted at No. In early December it was announced that long-time member Ben Blakeney had left the band on amicable terms to concentrate on his own projects. Original guitarist Ash Blakeney rejoined the band as lead guitarist. The band announced its separation in January


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