Operating Voltage — 1. Industrial Temperature Range? A — Power-down Mode: 0. A complete document is available on our Web site at www. Pin Configurations Figure Min and Max values will be available after the device is characterized.

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The ATtiny85 is a microcontroller in a similar vein to the Arduino, but with much less IO pins, smaller memory and a smaller form factor. In fact, when we talk about the ATtiny85 we refer to the IC itself rather than the board. The ATtiny85 can be used as a bare chip on a breadboard, as long as you can supply the correct power for the device.

Despite the small package, the ATtiny85 comes with a remarkable number of ways in which we can interface. What can I do with it? The short answer is, if you can do it with an Arduino, then it is highly likely that it can be done with the ATtiny Building a simple project In this tutorial, we shall set up our Attiny85 on a Windows laptop and use the board to control three LEDs.

So if not already installed, download a copy from the Arduino website and install. The install process will take some time, but once completed the installation should trigger an auto install of the drivers for the board. If the driver install fails to run after adding the board to your list, open the command prompt and enter the following command. Building the circuit On the breadboard, build the circuit as shown in the diagram.

The LED cathode - legs are on the left of the image, and they connect to a single ground pin on the ATtiny85 via a Ohm resistor. The male to male jumper jerky connects the Ohm resistors for two of the LEDs to the third, creating a single Ground connection that is connected to the ATtiny First, we need to write some code.


ATTINY45-20PU Atmel, ATTINY45-20PU Datasheet

This is to avoid arduino from being auto reset when we upload the program to attiny If you are using a electrolytic capacitor make sure the anode goes in GND of uno. You will get the above message if burning bootloader was successful. Now open the Blink example from arduino examples and change the pin number from 13 to 0 and upload. You can see the above message if everything was successful. Now we have upload the blink program to ATtiny85 and now lets test it out. Testing ATtiny85 Blink Now its time to test.


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DIN 5412-1 PDF




ATtiny85 programmieren (mit Arduino Uno oder USB-Programmer)


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