This allows you to put 2 x DVB-S2 tuners and watch one channel, while at the same time you record another. Extra Tuner is available for purchase. VFD front panel display Channel related information and system operations are displayed via the digit vacuum fluorescence display VFD on the elegant front panel of the receiver. Blind Scan The Blind Scan function lets you scan for new or temporary feed channels on any satellite even if the transponder information was not previously entered or is unknown. You can create personalised lists of favourite channels for easier navigation and sort your channels in several ways such as by satellite, genre, provider and country Media Player The AzBox Premium Plus is also a Media Player with full functionality for media of our modern days. Music, Photos and Video are easily played and accessed which allows you to play your favourite music, view your photos and watch your movies.

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Press OK. Setting up the Azbox as a slaved receiver Items you should have… 1 2- high frequency splitters with power out only to one side. Page 6 Setting up the Network: The first items we must contend with are our Network Settings - setup parameters and addressing.

If and when it does, the Azbox will present you with an option menu of what to do next. Page 8 16] Press the remote button labeled "resolution" once. Stop on the option that you are going to use and press OK. Now press OK to connect. You still need to fully set up this internet connection. This sometimes requires a bit of time.. Page 14 The channel list backup feature that they offer in the System Information Menu does not include the entire antenna setting details.

Only the channels themselves and the structure of the "favorite" groups are backed up and saved. Page 15 You may use any FTP client server application to do this, FileZilla client or MazEdit or other, if you understand where the files are going to and what format you put the files in. These different methods do take time to complete. Always download a backup of your original list on your pc!

Page 18 What you need to do is to save the channel list to your computer, where you know it is. There will be 3 files saved. Now, make a copy of the folder you downloaded the files to, and save it elsewhere on your computer.

Page 19 Using Azbox Edit worked fine for this. Pay attention to satellite settings here when adding satellites or you have to do it on your remote for each satellite after you Remember to add 1 transponder to each satellite. You upload it to your Azbox. I am now doing a blind-scan on some satellites in under 7 minutes. If you had scanned in some channels before, on your Azbox they may no longer work, so you want to go in and Delete all channels.

The az-box will not record a high bit-rate program without artifacts. This has been a known issue for some time.

I believe it should record ok up to Page 22 Information 2 recorded file has been selected would you like to delete? The 2 files are now gone leaving only one program left. The receiver will display the channel name under the programming and the date recorded so at this point that is all I have to go by. Page 24 How to change boot logo in Azbox. Scanned in At first I was confused but then I figured it out. So all channels I have scanned in are arranged in alphabetical order, that is Just go into the File Manager on the Azbox , and select "Network", and it will pop up your LAN, and list any directories that you have shared on your network or your computer if you only have the one computer.

How do you enter more than one line of PIDS? The Azbox only displays one line …. After entering the fist channel put the sid as 1, then save it, and then press the text button on remote again to add another channel to the mux.

Then go to blind scan and it will scan them all and put the good ones back in. Can I add a second tuner card to the Az-Elite receiver? Page 30 I was going through and aligning the arch on cband when I noticed that I was missing a bird.

I went to go add the bird in via the remote and the azbox spazed out. Use the arrow key to highlight one and hit ok, takes you back to the previously viewed channel. Page 32 Tips: I have been playing with this new firmware. I do not notice if it has happened with the earlier versions, but this one seems to try to default to PAL every chance it gets, so please be aware of it. Page 33 Tips: Once you have an "IP Channel" satellite choice, you should see the 4 channels under that satellite.

Page 34 Tips: So basically, if you revert to an older Azbox firmware, I would recommend re-formatting the application area, and then put back the 3. Page 35 This procedure will allow you to completely clean your Azbox Receiver.

All configuration, plug-ins and firmware will be lost. So use it with caution and follow it carefully. When do you need to use this procedure? Page 37 Western Satellites from 5. Page 38 Western Satellites from Page 39 Toolbox Azbox HD 2. I personally recommend FileZilla or MazEdit 3. Other applications can be used, but I am familiar with these two. If you use another, then you will just have to modify what I say here to apply the appropriate navigation routes.

You can store other devices in the quick connect library or queue. So if you have more than one entered, use the downward facing arrow to the right of the quick connect button to view all the device paths that you have stored there and select the appropriate one.

Page 42 Another scenario for downloading screen shot images from the Azbox to your pc. The problem being is in the acquisition of that second tuner. Just found that "axboxusa" Many cable systems offer channels in the clear only as analog channels for analog cable- ready TVs and the digital QAM channels may all be encrypted. Page 45 Mode 2: TWIN In this configuration you receive exactly the same satellites with the same antennas configuration but on 2 separated cables.

In this setup the Azbox automatically handles the switch from tuner-A to tuner-B when needed. It is based on DVB- S and the electronic news-gathering or Digital Satellite News Gathering standard, used by mobile units for sending sounds and images from remote locations world-wide back to their home television stations. Page 49 How to stream video from the Azbox to your PC via WiFi connection This procedure is only applicable for streaming the received satellite signal and does not provide a means for streaming any of the files on your HDD including programs that you have previously recorded from the satellite.

Page 50 You will then be prompted to enter an IP address in the next box. Enter for this selection. There are a few occasions where installing a firmware update will revert all your satellites back to factory default but each update is different and not all of them will do this. However, any settings you have made to your Azbox with your fonts and start up logo if you changed them from factory defaults will revert back to factory default.

Page 52 Here are some links for programs and editors to use with the Azbox. Many have tried downloading from places where they have said there were viruses attached to them so I have uploaded my own programs in zipped folders that have passed the tests and are clean and these programs have worked on 3 different computers here with no problems.

Page 53 All items should be used at your discretion: use guide info for more answers to questions. Files are posted here since there has been some difficulty in locating decent programs elsewhere. All programs have worked for me. All programs have worked for me using Win.


AZBox Premium HD+ User Manual

Page 7: Basic Function 2. Basic Function 2. Front Panel 1. Power LED Power indicator. Signal LED Signal indicator.


Azbox Premium HD+ Manuals

Mauran Introduction To view the information about the module and subscription card which is inserted into the digital receiver, press the Menu button. Scroll through the satellite dropdown list, and select a satellite by pressing the OK button. Input channel numbers, passwords, on-screen keyboard and to set time. Checking the firmware information You have to check up the firmware information of your digital receiver before downloading a new firmware.


Azbox HD Premium Plus User Manual



AZBox Premium PLUS + HD


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