Allison is a writer and yoga teacher. Can we start Monday?! What is covered in a relocation package? Or better: how much is a good relocation package?

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General Principle Refers to the empirical finding that people tend to value goods more when they own them than when they do not Whats mine is better Example 1 The coffee mug experiment Subjects given a mug valued it at much higher price 7. Example 2 Duck hunters were surveyed about what they would pay to protect wetlands where they hunted willing to pay an average of per person per season for the right to prevent development thus preserving their capacity to hunt willing to demand, on average, 1, to give up an entitlement to hunt in the wetlands 69 Disputants exclude the possiblity of losing in their unsophisticated approach to risk analysis Flip a coin.

You call it you keep it. Getting the parties unstuck get the first new offer. Moving the bargaining along. Remember, you both agreed not interrupt.. Tell me more about that. When did this happen?

So what you are saying is Let me be sure I understand correctly. So, as far as you are concerned What else is important? Could you say more about that? How do you feel about what happened? What do you mean by that?

Is there anything else you want to add? Can you tell me more about? What additional information do you have on that? Of all that you have talked about, what is most important to you now? Do you have any other ideas for solving this problem? How do you want things to be between the two of you?

Is what you are talking about now helpful in reaching a solution? Put yourself in Mr. How do you think they feel right now.

What do you have in mind on that topic? If X were to do A, what would you be willing to do? What I hear you saying is that you might be willing to You both seem to agree that Do you agree with the solution that we are talking about? What you are talking about sounds like it might work. What will happen if What would happen if you tried


To do that, you need to understand the broad context of Chinese culture and values and their impact on the Chinese negotiating style. Often, Chinese businesspeople see Americans as aggressive, impersonal, and excitable. Westerners may see Chinese negotiators as inefficient, indirect, and even dishonest. The consequence?


The Chinese Negotiation


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