Protein folding, protein design, hydrophobic core, barstar Abstract Barstar, the specific inhibitor of the bacterial ribonuclease barnase, is a small protein with a relatively large and compact hydrophobic core. To what extent does the arrangement of the secondary structure depend on the precise composition of this core? Selection from a large synthetic gene library, with the entire core replaced by a random selection of hydrophobic sidechains, has yielded a number of functional barstars. This suggests that designed novel secondary structure frameworks could be filled in similar fashion.

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Daishura The pollen viability of F1 was low, but the seed setting was found to be comparable to the control plants Fig. Restoring full pollen fertility in transgenic male-sterile tobacco Nicotiana tabacum L. Male sterility and fertility restoration in crops. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Genetically engineered systems of male sterility.

Thus, a tapetum-specific reversible expression system was established. Progress toward understanding heterosis in crop plants. Mol Cells 11— F1 is obtained by crossing with plants expressing female male-sterile and male male-fertile expression cassettes.

Maintaining the male-sterile female lines is a prerequisite for future commercial application of this technique, and the genetic design of the male-sterile female line constructFig. Several approaches have been explored to limit self-fertilization in the female parent line for the development of an effective hybrid seed production system, such as emasculation manual removal of male reproductive organschemical-induced male sterility, cytoplasmic and nuclear male sterility, and biotechnological approaches for pollen abortion.

The plant into which it is incorporated, then becomes male-sterile, and capable of receiving pollen from another parent. Barnase — Wikipedia Email required Address never made public. Breeding technologies to increase crop production in a changing world. The tobacco transgenic lines of were normal during growth and development with normal flowering, pollen viability, in — vitro pollen germination and seed setting similar to those of the control NTPH plants Supplementary Fig.

However, efficient restoration barsgar fertility has been barsyar as one of the limiting factors in some of ststem systems Further, the scanning electron micrograph SEM of stage 7 pollen of control showed normal pollen morphology Fig. In addition, the male sterile female lines are equipped with additional regulatory control over the TGTA-TBPm3 system operated through the male component.

A number of biotechnological strategies have been deployed to restrict self—fertilization in plants 7. Received Feb 12; Accepted May It includes two tapetum-specific expression cassettes; one expressed in the female parent and the other expressed in the male parent of the desired F1 progeny.

There have been no protests bartar such videshi GM oil by so-called swadeshi and green groups, who have directed all their protests against GM mustard, despite it being a product of indigenous, publicly-funded research. Barnase and barstar: two small proteins to fold and fit together.

The highest expression was found in the stage 1 anthers Supplementary Fig. Plant Cell 12 barsrar, — Inflorescence, flower and seed setting in control c and transgenic plants d.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Hybrid crops have been contributing to the substantial global rise in agricultural output over the past few decades as they harness heterosis hybrid vigora phenomenon of outperformance of F1 hybrid progeny compared with their parents in terms of yield, biotic and abiotic resistance 1.

Restoration of male fertility in hybrids is especially important in crops barstad the desired agricultural products are seeds, such as cereals, pulses and so on. Hence, it is desirable to develop a hybrid seed system that is equipped with capabilities of complete pollen abortion in a biologically safe and tightly controlled manner, as well as efficient male fertility restoration in the F1 hybrid. Histochemical GUS staining confirmed that the expression of gusA protein was limited to tapetal cells in anthers Fig.

The male sterility system construct ; Supplementary Fig. Tapetal degeneration is a programmed cell death PCD event with typical cytological features of cell shrinkage, mitochondria and cytoskeleton degeneration, nuclear condensation, oligonucleosomal cleavage of DNA, vacuole rupture, and sysrem reticular swelling By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Taken together, our results baenase that high-level and stringent expression was achieved in the postmeiotic stages 2 and 3 tapetum, using the expression vector The male sterility and fertility restoration system developed by us are generic in nature and hence can be used with other reported genes for male sterility. Further samples were dehydrated till they reach critical point CPDanthers were ruptured, and pollens harstar taken on the stub adhesive, coated with gold particles 2 coatingand observed under the scanning electron microscope FEG Quanta, Netherland.

These did not reveal any ill effects in terms of the relevant measured parameters. A detrimental mitochondrial-nuclear interaction causes cytoplasmic male sterility in rice.





Design of multivalent complexes using the barnase·barstar module


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