How to use this application package Read the instruction guide to help you fill out your application. Fill out, sign and date your application forms. Mail your application. You can fill it out and save it on a computer. You will need Adobe Reader 10 or higher.

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Get identification Once you arrive in British Columbia, you will need to get three pieces of identification. You need a Social Insurance Number to work in Canada or to apply for government programs and benefits. You need it to get provincial services, including health care. There is no fee for a new Social Insurance Number card, but there is a fee to replace a lost card. You may also apply by mail, although this method takes longer. Parents and legal guardians can apply for a Social Insurance Number for their child.

Children 12 years of age or older may apply for their own Social Insurance Number. Parents of a new baby can apply for a Social Insurance Number, a birth certificate and other services with one application. Learn how to register a birth and apply for a Social Insurance Number through the B. Vital Statistics application program.

You will be asked for your Social Insurance Number when you get a job. Your employer will deduct taxes and employment insurance premiums from your pay and send it to the federal government for you. You and your children will need a Social Insurance Number to be able to use some government programs.

It cannot legally be used by anyone else. Read more about Social Insurance Numbers. It serves as your health care card, and you can use it when you need photo ID.

There is no fee to get a BC Services Card. Check out the residency requirements. If you are a new B. You must apply for a B. If you are a visitor, you can drive in B. If you have an International Driving Permit , you must also carry the accompanying foreign licence.

If you have a licence from another province of Canada or certain other countries , you can apply for a B.

You do not have to take a test to qualify. Get more information from ICBC. You may be able to get a teacher who speaks your language. To apply for a B. If you are under 19 years old, a parent or guardian someone who is responsible for you must sign the application. You will need to take two pieces of identification ID. Learn more about driving in B.


Application Steps



Application to Remain in Canada as a Temporary Resident Permit Holder



​Apply for an enhanced licence, enhanced ID card or BCID


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