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Getting to know your monitor 1 Front View 1. Power AC input jack 2. DVI-D Connector 3. D-Sub Connector Getting to know your monitor 1 13 How to install your monitor hardware 1 If the computer is turned on you must turn it off before continuing.

Do not plug-in or turn-on the power to the monitor until instructed to do so. Attach the monitor base. Please be careful to prevent damage to the monitor. Placing the screen surface on an object like a stapler or a mouse will crack the glass or damage the LCD substrate voiding your warranty. Sliding or scraping the monitor around on your desk will scratch or damage the monitor surround and controls.

Protect the monitor and screen by clearing a flat open area on your desk and placing a soft item like the monitor packaging bag on the desk for padding. Gently lay the screen face down on a flat clean padded surface. Whilst holding the monitor firmly against the desk, pull the monitor stand arm upwards clear of the monitor. Orient and align the stand base socket with the end of the stand arm, then push them together until they click and lock into place.

Gently attempt to pull them back apart to check that they have properly engaged. Carefully lift the monitor, turn it over and place it upright on its stand on a flat even surface. You should position the monitor and angle the screen to minimize unwanted reflections from other light sources. Connect the video cable. The digital video signals produce a superior quality picture than analog video signals. Connect the plug of the D-Sub cable at the end without the ferrite filter to the monitor D-Sub socket.

Connect the other plug of the D-Sub cable at the end with the ferrite filter to the computer video D-Sub socket. Tighten all finger screws to prevent the plugs from accidently falling out during use. Connect the power cable to the monitor. Do not connect the other end to a power point just yet. How to install your monitor hardware 4. Route the cables via the loose bracket. Release the cable retaining clip by squeezing the clip inwards as illustrated.

Position the cables together and reinsert the clip over them to retain the cables neatly in place behind the monitor stand. Connect-to and turn-on the power. Plug the other end of the power cord into a power point and turn it on.

Turn on the monitor by pressing the power button on the front of the monitor. Turn on the computer too, and follow the instructions in Section 4: Getting the most from your BenQ monitor to install the monitor software. How to install your monitor hardware How to detach the stand base 1.

Prepare the monitor and area. Turn off the monitor and the power before unplugging the power cable. Turn off the computer before unplugging the monitor signal cable. Protect the monitor and screen by clearing a flat open area on your desk and placing a soft item like a towel on the desk for padding, before laying the screen face down on a flat clean padded surface.

Release the locking clip on one side of the stand base whilst pulling the edge of the base away from the stand arm. Release the other locking clip to detach the stand base from the monitor stand arm. How to install your monitor hardware 1 14 Getting the most from your BenQ monitor 1 How do I gain the most benefit from my new monitor? These circumstances relate to which version of Microsoft Windows you are using, and whether you are connecting the monitor and installing the software onto a new computer without existing monitor driver software , or whether you are upgrading an existing installation which already has existing monitor driver software with a newer monitor.

In either case however, the very next time you turn on your computer after connecting the monitor to your computer , Windows will automatically recognise the new or different hardware, and will launch its Found New Hardware wizard. Follow the wizard instructions until it asks you to select a monitor model. Further details and step-by-step instructions for both an automatic new or upgrade existing installation follow. See: How to install the monitor on a new computer.

How to upgrade the monitor on an existing computer If you require a User Name and Password to login to your Windows computer, you must be logged on as an Administrator or as a member of the Administrators group in order to install the monitor driver software.

Furthermore, if your computer is connected to a network which has security access requirements, network policy settings may prevent you from installing software on your computer. Getting the most from your BenQ monitor 10 How to install the monitor on a new computer This instruction details the procedure for selecting and installing the BenQ LCD Monitor driver software on a new computer which has never had a monitor driver installed before.

This instruction is only suitable for a computer which has never been used before, and for which the BenQ LCD Monitor is the first ever monitor to be connected to it. If you are adding the BenQ LCD Monitor to an existing computer that has already had another monitor connected to it and has monitor driver software installed , you should not be following these instructions. You should instead be following the instructions for How to upgrade the monitor on an existing computer.

Follow the instructions in How to install your monitor hardware. When Windows or later starts, it will automatically detect the new monitor and launch the Found New Hardware Wizard. Follow the prompts until it displays the option to Install Hardware Device drivers. Check Search for a suitable driver for my device option, and click Next. Click Finish. Restart the computer. The BenQ LCD Monitor driver for your model may well function perfectly with other versions of Windows, however, as at the time of writing, BenQ has done no testing of this driver on other versions of Windows and cannot guarantee its operation on those systems.

Installing monitor driver software involves selecting an appropriate information file. You need only steer it in the right direction.

Windows has an Upgrade Device Driver Wizard to automate the task and guide you through the file selection and installation process. See: How to install on Windows XP systems. Open Display Properties. The quickest shortcut to Display Properties is through the Windows desktop. Right-click the desktop and select Properties from the popup menu. The menu options displayed will depend upon which type of view is selected for your system.

The Display Properties window will display. Click the Settings tab and the Advanced button. The Advanced Display Properties window will display. Click the Monitor tab and select the Plug and Play Monitor from the list. If there is only one monitor in the list, it will already be selected for you.

Click the Properties button. The Monitor Properties window will display. If the driver provider is listed as BenQ, and the model matches that of your new monitor, the proper drivers are already installed, and you need do nothing further.

Cancel out of these property windows. However, if BenQ is not listed as the manufacturer, or the correct model is not currently shown, you will need to continue with these instructions. Click the Driver tab and the Update Driver button. The Hardware Update Wizard will display.

Follow the wizard instructions noting the steps below: 6. Check the option Install from a list or specific location and click Next. Check the option Search for the best driver in these locations and also check Search removable media, then click Next.

The drive letter for your CD drive may differ from the example above depending upon your system it may be D: or E: or F: etc. This will copy and install the appropriate monitor driver files to your computer. This will close the Display Properties windows. In that case, see the instructions at How to install on Windows XP systems. In Windows , click the Monitor tab and the Properties button. This will jump you directly to the Upgrade Device Driver Wizard, skipping the next step. In Windows , click the Driver tab and the Update Driver button.

The Upgrade Device Driver Wizard will display. The autorun Users Guide language selection page will display in your web browser. You can select a language and view the online version of this manual from the next window. You could then print it out for reference if you wish to work off-line. Check the option Display a list of known drivers Click the Have Disk button.

The Install From Disk window will display. This is the CD you loaded in step 1 above. Select the drive letter corresponding to the drive you put the CD into. Double-click the folder labelled Driver. The contents of the Driver folder will display. Click the Open button.


BenQ LCD Screen Fp91g

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