Together with the other Zugspitze climbers it goes deeper into Reintal, below gigantic cliffs, always along the picturesque river Partnach with his deep blue Gumpen towards their origin. In wehterstein breathtaking mountain scenery with a gigantic view of the Wetterstein massif we hike along the wild Wetterstein ridge until we meet the other hikers from the Reintal. Finally we descend with the historically significant Zugspitze cog railway, which brings us back to our starting point, the Garmisch train station. Three unforgettable days lie behind us in which we hiked on the historic ways of King Ludwig and finally climbed the highest peak in Germany.

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Six major kingdomsand one plutocratic republicare found on Harn, as well as a host of less civilized tribes who inhabit the dense forests between them. I chose this location specifically because it allowed me to develop a great amount of detail. Details include outstanding city maps, trade and caravan information, local plans of dozens of neighborhoods and sites in the city including the Tashal underground. Unfortunately as time has worn on the numbers have dropped.

Looking forward to 3 December by derridean1 Exciting. I guess folks are used to seeing Play By Email so I wrote that. Dennis is currently running two campaigns. Click here to see the full list. GunnarGreybeard I have seen that but not sure I have seen that but not sure I could dedicate the time needed.

Email me or send me a private message at HarnForum. Active forum topics Anything Else For? The combination of a expansive plot and a detailed setting means that a GM needs to prepare before running this campaign. March 28, Harn has a mystical reputation among the rest of Kethira and mainland Lythia.

The project had two inter-related objectives. It is run by Dennis Duttond, who has contributed quite a bit of Fanon to Harn. No harm in watching! This PDF includes excerpts from the many available Kaldor-related modules. The campaign outline lays out a plot that is constructed of several distinct stages. JavaScript is currently disabled. After 27 years on the throne, the aged king continues to baffle his subjects simply by getting up each morning. LMIMP 3.

I would think that this makes it even harder to track whats going on from a player standpoint, at least that is how I would forsee it. There is one major pub that. It begins with an excerpt from the Kaldor module showing some of the detail covered in a kingdom module.

Some of the highlights include heraldry, economic and military details and more. Both provide ample opportunity to RP in a rich world crafted by a great GM. Tashal is the seat of the King of Kaldor.

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