Synopsis[ edit ] This farcical comedy focuses on Prudence and Bruce, two Manhattanites who are seeking stable romantic relationships with the help of their psychiatrists, each of whom suggests their patient place a personal ad in the newspaper. Bruce is a highly emotional bisexual who tends to cry easily, a trait Prudence sees as a weakness. Their first meeting proves to be disastrous and the two report back to their respective therapists—libidinous Stuart, who once seduced Prudence, and eccentric Charlotte, who stumbles over the simplest of words, who references the play Equus as a good source of advice, and who interacts with her patients with the help of a stuffed Snoopy doll. Clearly the two therapists are more troubled than their patients. Charlotte suggests a revised ad, which once again attracts Prudence, but this time Prudence and Bruce manage to get past their initial loathing and discover they actually like each other. David Hyde Pierce made his Broadway debut in the role of a waiter.

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Shelves: adult Despite myself, I really enjoyed this play. It always takes me awhile to warm up to Christopher Durangs plays because his characters are all such charicatures of themselves. I prefer more real characters in my stories typically and see one-dimensional characters as a sign of weak writing.

However Christopher Durang uses his crazy characters as a device to show the extremes of all of us. He is usually pretty effective at this, and Beyond Therapy is no exception. In fact, it is exceptionally Despite myself, I really enjoyed this play. Who of us really knows what to do? And do we need therapy? Omg my insecurities! Durang lets us relate to his crazy hopeless couple, but lets us feel we are better than them and everyone in his crazy little world , and that lets us leave his little show feeling, just a little bit better about ourselves.

Now what could be better than that?! Through the large amount of controversy in the end things somewhat straighten out. In this book 2 opposites work together solve their personal issues.

Like in real life how people in real life do. A bunch of people with numerous problems work through them by relating how they feel and supporting each other. This book was very funny. It had me dying out laughing. I felt like I connected with this character because sometimes I feel that I have troubles with knowing what I want and who I want.

With the characters being this way gave me that connection with them. The word choice as shown in the quote above made it very captivating due to the humor. The mood in the book was always shifting so it made it very interesting and kept me on my toes. Where it would shift from happy, sad, angry, and then humorous, or a variety of all or a few of those feelings.

The scathing look at therapy, its faults and flaws, and the wonderfully broken people that try to fix themselves is timely, beyond hysterical, and ultimately pretty moving.

I wish the second act kept the momentum that the first act had, it does lose a bit of steam, but overall, really smart stuff. Nobody does the absurdist satire better.


‘Beyond Therapy’ (Stuart)



Beyond Therapy


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