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Kajibar Use the QR code on the print version of a press release to get redirected to the corresponding page on PresseBox. Call or click below for mbf information on terms and conditions. For plastics, heat leads to accelerated aging, which can directly lead to safety risks in the automotive industry. Temperature-humidity chart with ICH checkpoints. Doubled sided airflow ensures constant temperature and humidity across the entire testing area under full load conditions.

Waterproof, switched flush-mounting box CA3GD for nominal voltage in unit interior, with cover and corresponding plug nominal voltage; max. Constant climate chambers with a large temperature and humidity range BINDER Constant climate chambers are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Model Housing dimensions not incl. Shows temperature and humidity ICH checkpoints for long-term testing, accelerated testing and stress testing. Temperature measurement 18 temperature measuring points and 1 humidity measuring point Description: This feature is particularly important for Aspect Quality GmbH in meeting the high level of quality requirements.

Please select a model to get an overview of all available options and accessories for this product:. These climate chambers have been designed specifically to perform reliable stability tests.

All indications are average values, typical for units produced in series. Blue Prices show stock on hand. Our range of products is suitable for routine applications, highly specialized work in research and development, production and quality assurance. For the service provider, therefore, the ability to quickly and flexibly match the simulation testing with the respective material is important.

Flexible positioning of the water container with magnetic holder, hose adapter for water container with practical quick coupling, and water stop function. Temperature measurement 27 temperature measuring points and 1 humidity measuring point.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications at any time. Model KBF is also regulated with precision thanks to the capacitive humidity sensor and steam humidification. Your profile will be confirmed by email. As an independent test laboratory, Aspect Quality GmbH gives companies in various industries including automotive, electronics and medical engineering the opportunity to qualify products and materials using one test method.

Download press release as. Inactivate Reactivate Preferred Client. Important characteristics Temperature range: Click here to continue. After the door has been opened, recovery times are speedy, and the humidity level can be finely adjusted to suit your requirements perfectly.

Constant climate chambers KBF 6 points to consider when purchasing a constant climate chamber in the pharmaceutical industry. To send to more recipients, please Log In. For expanding the basic set of light bars Expansion setlength 50 cm.

Extension of the warranty from 2 to 3 years Description: Important characteristics Temperature range: For expanding the basic set of light bars. Optimal value for the money ensures competitiveness In addition to the ability to quickly and easily procure equipment, Aspect Quality sees another advantage in a favourable price-performance ratio. Stainless steel inner chamber and glass inner door. Important characteristics Temperature range: Flexible positioning of the water container with magnetic holder, hose adapter for water container with practical bincer coupling, and water stop function External, with magnetic holder.

Ethernet Independent water supply via tank. QR codes work like bar codes, which you can find on your milk carton, for example. TOP Related Posts.


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