The program corrects it and you print correct label. Data terminal Bitatek IT is recommended for such facilities as: Wired interface Usb and wireless Wi-fi or Bluetooth can be used for data exchange. Powerful processor from Intel with MHz frequency is in charge for data processing. Data terminal Bitatek IT is considered to be the best device in its class in quality-price ratio.

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Page Charpt 2. Introduction Charpt 2. Net rugged Terminal. Page 14 1. This key is used to combination with other keys to type special character or perform system Fun key functions. The status icon of task bar will display like when it is blue function mode. Page Keypad Description 2. Keypad Description Figure 2. Key Maps and Behavior A key numeric alpha keypad contain digits as single keystrokes will be produced.

The triple click behavior to Alphabetic keys is described elsewhere. Page 18 Default Alpha mode produces lower case alphabetic characters. User can use Shift or Caps Lock to get upper case alphabetic characters. No keyboard messages will be generated until the character selection is finalized. The status icon of task bar will display like when it is Numerical mode. Page 20 Numerical mode. If press key first, the status icon of task bar will display like it is Orange Function mode, If repress key again, then return to Numerical mode.

Page Rotating The Screen 2. You can do it by keyboard. Figure Figure 2. The scanner scans as long as you hold the key or for few seconds. Upon reading a barcode, the red LED indicator comes on until the trigger is release or few seconds. Bad Scanning Position a Make sure that the bars enter the laser beam when scanning large barcodes.

Page Cold Reset 2. Device will initiate boot up after Cold Reset. You can do as follow step to insert the Micro SD memory storage card.

Handy Terminal User Guide Page Charpt 3. Getting Started Charpt 3. Getting Started 3. Charging the Battery Pack Before using the Handy Terminal, perform the basic procedure of charging the battery pack through the following steps.

Installing the battery pack 1. On the Handy Terminal attached with a hand-strap, detach and loose the hand-strap. Page 30 3. Insert the battery pack into the battery compartment with the label facing out, and ensuring the battery snaps into place Handy Terminal User Guide Page 31 4.

Replace the battery cover by insert the top first, switch lock the battery cover latch to secure the cover to the Handy Terminal. Charge time. For the first time to charge the battery pack needs approximately 5 hours. Subsequent charging time needs approximately 3 hours. Charging the battery pack with Power Adapter 1. Connect the Power cord to the Power adapter 3. Connect the Power cord to the Power adapter 2.

Connect the power cord to a power source 3. Plug in the connector of the power adapter with Single Cradle 4. Page Starting The Handy Terminal 3. If the Handy Terminal does not power on, please perform a cold boot. See 2. Page Navigating The Display 3. Navigating the Display 3. The Command Bar Use the Command bar at top of the screen to perform tasks in programs, such a opening a file, or editing a file.

The Task Bar The Task bar at the bottom of the screen displays the icon, an icon for the active program, the current time, and system icons for utilities loaded in memory.

Page Barcode Setting All applet programs are displayed as a icon on the screen. Figure 3. Page Udc Setting 3. Page Charpt 4. Communication Charpt 4. Communication 4.


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