The encoder provides bidirectional audio communication in parallel to video. It is able to generate two independently configurable video streams. This allows viewing and recording at two different quality levels to save disk space and bandwidth. Dual H. Recording Profiles The encoders feature a highly flexible recording scheduler, providing up to ten programmable recording profiles and allowing individually assigned camera profiles. With these profiles, you can accelerate the frame rate as well as increase the resolution on alarm, saving recording space during non-alarm periods.

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The optional modules for installation determine the range of functions. Encoder modules senders and decoder modules receivers are available. Page 6: Eu Directives For exact identification, the model name and serial number are inscribed on the rating plate on the bottom of the VIP X XF base and on the rating plates on the circuit boards of the modules. Please make a note of this information before installation, if necessary, so as to have it to hand in case of questions or when ordering spare parts.

The unit does not contain any user- serviceable parts. Remove only the supplied cover when installing a module. The units do not contain any user-serviceable parts. Page 9: Product Description Security Systems if you detect any damage. Requirements for setting up the installed modules can be found in the module manuals.

Page Overview Of Functions 3. Encoder modules senders , for the connection of up to four cameras each, and decoder modules receivers , for the connection of up to four monitors each, are available. For more information about the LEDs, see Section 6. Mounting the unit in a inch rack using the installation material supplied is a quick and easy operation.

It is also possible to operate this as a desktop unit. The four elastic bumpers included in the scope of delivery ensure a non-slip support. The necessary installation equipment is included in the scope of delivery.

When installing in a switch cabinet, ensure that there is sufficient ventilation for the unit. Page Connections 4. This connection is an alternative to using the Ethernet interfaces as a redundant network connection.

The unit is now ready for use. Your Bosch product is designed and manufactured with high-quality materials and components which can be recycled and reused.


Bosch VIP-X1XF-E - video decoder - 1 channels Specs



Bosch VIP-X1XF Single Channel Video Encoder, MOTION+


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