View bss datasheet: Or perhaps a combination of Figure 7b and Figure 7a. I have looked at the AD Data Sheet. It might be time to do an experiment in your development lab. The modulator output is processed by a finite impulse response FIR digital filter. It should take only dataseet few seconds to tell dataseet the 33uSec rise time is correct or not.

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Dafasheet see there is an expert eatasheet the other line Remember that if you use Pic16F7x families. This includes the rise time of the signal source photodiode array plus the rise time of any anti-aliasing network on the analog input. I have looked at the AD Data Sheet. You should talk with an Analog Devices Application Engineer who is familiar with this part and get an official explanation of this spec. When memory is full, have the microcontroller send the data over RS to a computer. Why does my PIC32 run slower than expected?

I think you should be more concerned about the other more prominant delays like the ADC conversion and acquisition, time taken to perform calculations on the data or to display it There is not enough time to read the 16bit like this: This might be useful for solving the sync problem. I hope the circuit will run next monday.

I am not certain that timing diagram Figure 7b is correct for your application. Another problem can occur if there is no synchronisation between the two devices. That is a species I have never encountered in the wild. TOP 10 Related.


BSS123: N-Channel Logic Level Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor 100V, 170 mA, 6Ω



BSS125 Siemens Semiconductor Group, BSS125 Datasheet


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