His family was prosperous and supported him in his studies, activities. Sadashivrao, a former clerk in the Posts and Telegraphs Department, became a teacher in the Central Provinces and ended his career as headmaster of a high school. Golwalkar was the only surviving son of nine children. Since his father was frequently transferred around the country, he attended a number of schools.

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During his tenure from July until his death on June 5, , he wrote and spoke extensively. Read the original book here. In its attempt to rationalize Hindutva, it ascribes to Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru statements they never made.

He says there are three prerequisites for a people to be called a nation. It is these attributes that transform residents of a territory into the children of the territory — the motherland. Consequently, the Hindu society alone qualifies to be the child of Bharat. How could they become aliens just because they have changed their faith? Do they feel that they are the children of this land and its tradition, and that to serve it is their great good fortune?

Do they feel it a duty to serve her? One day, the cubs and the jackal ventured deep into the jungle where they came across an elephant. The cubs attacked the elephant but the jackal ran to the lioness to tell her about the incident. They must be turned into lions. In Bunch of Thoughts, Golwalkar contends that most Muslims and Christians in India are Hindus who converted out of fear, or for power and pelf, or because they were fooled.

Of those in the last category, he claims, were villagers who had drawn water from a tank in which a piece of beef or a loaf had been thrown. The next day, a maulvi or a missionary would tell them that they had lost their Hindu religion because they had drunk the polluted water.

Through such deception, Golwalkar contends without citing any evidence, entire villages in the north and on the west coast had been converted to Islam and Christianity. To justify his project, he invokes Nehru and attributes to him statements he never made. In the first stage, foreign invaders such as the Hunas and the Shakas came to India, abandoned their customs and faiths, and started calling themselves Rajputs.

They thus became narrow-minded, keeping aloof from all. Looking at India, I feel, as Dinkar has also emphasised, that the culture of Indians is composite and it has developed gradually. One force is that which assimilates outside influences, creating integrity and harmony, and the other that encourages division; that which reinforces the tendency to separate one from another.

Whatever is there in India, every Indian has contributed to its creation. But Rahul Gandhi would certainly be on firm ground if he were to petition the judiciary — as the RSS did when the Congress chief accused it of killing Mahatma Gandhi — to have the passages slanderously attributed to Nehru deleted from a Bunch of Thoughts. This review of the book was published in Scroll. Related Stories.


Bunch Of Thoughts

Samut All Comments Your Activity. Open Preview See a Problem? Share on Buncy Share on Twitter. We respect those who move into other religion out of their own conviction. Sumith Velayudhan rated it really liked it Mar 23, Nov 29, Nishant rated it did not like it. One such claim is bujch Gandhiji quoting to Hindus in one of the riots in Gujrat to kill or get killed instead of running away — no attempt is made to give any verification of his quotes. To ask other readers questions about Bunch Of Thoughtsplease sign up.




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