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However, there is no definitive proof of this as his baptismal document found in the book of registries in the cathedral in San Juan Bautista does not state his precise place of birth.

Barrios would eventually speak two languages Spanish and Guarani , and read three others English, French, and German. Barrios began to show an interest in musical instruments, particularly the guitar, before he reached his teens.

Apart from his studies in the music department, Barrios was highly appreciated by members of the mathematics, journalism and literature departments. After leaving college, Barrios dedicated his life to music and poetry. He composed more than songs, for which he would first write the lyrics and then the guitar accompaniment[ citation needed ]. Barrios made several friends during his many trips across South America. He was known for giving his friends and fans signed copies of his poems.

As a consequence, there are several versions of his poetical works that have surfaced across the Americas. Many current collectors warn potential buyers to be careful when they come across a poem reportedly autographed by Barrios. Career[ edit ] Barrios was famed for his phenomenal performances, both live and on gramophone recordings. Many of them are also adaptations of, or are influenced by, South American and Central American folk music. Very many of them are of a virtuosic nature.

He was presented to me by his secretary Elbio Trapani. At my invitation Barrios visited me at the hotel and played for me upon my very own guitar several of his compositions among which the one that really impressed me was a magnificent concert piece The Cathedral whose first movement is an andante, like an introduction and prelude, and a second very virtuosic piece which is ideal for the repertory of any concert guitarist.

Barrios had promised to send me immediately a copy of the work I had ten days remaining before continuing my journey but I never received a copy. Several writers have suggested that Barrios revisited Mexico in , but his immigration file with the Mexican government did not include an entry for him or his wife Gloria that year. He would not fulfill his dream to reach the United States. He suffered a second myocardial infarction on August 7, , causing his death. Barrios was buried at Cementerio de Los Ilustres.

Twelve "Mangoreans"[ edit ] Barrios refused to teach during his career as active performer, only providing guitar instruction after arriving in El Salvador to twelve selected maestros, all of Salvadoran nationality.

Folk music[ edit ] The folk music of Paraguay including the polca paraguaya and vals provided the young Barrios with his first introduction to music. In , Barrios was formally introduced to the classical guitar repertoire by Gustavo Sosa Escalada.

At that time, Barrios had already composed works for the guitar, and also performed pieces written by his former teacher Alias, such as La Chinita and La Perezosa.

Having already surpassed the technical and performing abilities of most guitarists, Barrios began seriously to compose around


Caazapá (Barrios Mangoré, Agustín)



Agustín Barrios


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