With an improved quick locking mechanism, hot shoe and contact reliability is further enhanced - a dust-wipe mechanism can remove dust and dirt stuck to the hot shoe contact, while a variable contact pressure design can improve transmission reliability by varying the pressure at the contacts, enabling the camera and flash contacts to remain firmly in touch while preventing scratches on the hot shoe, making it easier to attach and remove. The flash will also implement 2-line transmission for important signals. With the backup contacts, transmission accuracy is greatly improved. This flash also offers users a pair of independently-controlled left-and-right flash tubes, and a maximum Guide Number of 14 meter; ISO for dual sides firing simultaneously or Improved focusing lamps utilize new high-brightness white LEDs with 5-step brightness adjustment, which offers enhanced focus assist than its predecessor— making it easier to focus in low-light conditions. Equipped with new quick flash function and color temperature information transmission features, users can also press the shutter confidently at the best timing and perfectly adjust to different situations.

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Page 2 Browse through this guide to find a use that perfectly fits your style. Page 3 Get close to small flowers Flat light means when shooting fewer shadows Because light from this kind of flash is not obstructed Because the flash tubes are ring shaped, by the lens as happens with built-in or clip-on flashes, the overall subject is evenly illuminated you can feel comfortable getting close to subjects.

Page 4 With a Macro Ring Lite flash you can… Basics Reduce shadows with flat lighting Easily and beautifully capture the details of trinkets and accessories Close-up shots Minimal shadows Flat lighting provides shadow-free images Macro Ring Lite flash and reproduces shapes and colors Shapes and colors as they appear to the naked eye are clear without Page 6 With a Macro Ring Lite flash you can… Basics Sharp and vivid from the foreground to background Vividly capture the natural, three- nail art dimensional feel of designs Close-up shots Minimal shadows Sharp fore and background The subject is brightly lit and in-focus Macro Ring Lite flash all the way to the background Sharply capture Page 7 Basics Vividly capture the natural, three-dimensional feel of nail art designs Without the flash, the focus is shallow, and with the normal flash, strong shadows appear.

When shooting without the flash and at wide lens apertures, the range of focus becomes shallow. A clip- on flash makes it easier for strong shadows to appear. Page 9 Basics With this single flash, you can shoot photos of a favorite accessory on its own or a shot of someone wearing it Details of a single enlarged section are perfectly captured Macro Ring Lite flash Simple Both close-ups and pulled back shots are quick and easy beautiful Because shadows are not Page 10 With a Macro Ring Lite flash you can… Basics Blur-free shots even in dark locations Easily capture shots of small berries found close to the ground in a dark forest Close-up shots Reduced blur Reduce blur during shooting even Macro Ring Lite flash in difficult outdoor lighting conditions Capture bright, beautiful images of berries even Page 11 Basics Easily capture shots of small berries found close to the ground in a dark forest Blurry and dull Annoying shadows are present This image was shot without a flash while Photos shot with the built-in flash end up with hand-holding the camera.

Page 12 Techniques for more beautiful photos Advanced Effective lighting for daylight shooting Utilize the flash to supplement the ambient light portraits for more beautiful Actively use the flash as assist lighting for perfectly captured expressions The Macro Ring Lite flash is not limited to just macro close-up photography, but can also be used as a fill flash for portrait photography.

Page 15 Advanced Depict everything from the texture and feel of clothes to the weave of the fabric Built-in flash Strong shadows appear on the folds of the clothing, the edge of the belt, and the beads almost looking like borders, detracting from the shot.

Macro Ring Lite flash The decorations on the belt are sharp from the foreground to background. Page 16 Techniques for more beautiful photos Advanced Capture images with comfortable controls Beautifully record the delicate watch details of a collection Flash photography techniques Macro Ring Lite flash with a slow shutter A refined, three- dimensional finish When photographing a wristwatch, By lowering the shutter speed, and the surroundings often are reflected mixing flash with ambient light, the Try adjusting flash button 2, the Set button, or turn exposure compensation for a Page 18 Expand flash photography expressions with a filter Macro Ring Lite flash With polarizing filter Bright flowers and The MREX II is compatible trees can be captured vividly while bright blue sky with 67mm diameter screw- maintaining the brightness of the in the background in filters.

Page 19 Advanced Create impressive shots with vividly colored flowers and blue skies With polarizing filter The flowers are silhouettes Because this was shot near a shaded window, the flowers which are the central part of the shot ended up No polarizing filter No flash as silhouettes. Page 21 Flash output decreases, however, this is not available during Manual Flash. Page 23 This is an index that shows the brightness of the Blending flash illumination with ambient light in developed by Canon.

This feature controls flash flash. The higher the guide number, the greater a scene. It can be anything from bright sunlight


Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II Specifications



Canon MR-14EX Instruction Manual



Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX


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