Remove the oil pan retaining bolts. Cut the plastic gauging threads to the length of the bearing width. Connect the vacuum hoses to the EVAP emission canister purge solenoid. Slide the EVAP emission canister out of the track holder. Disconnect the fuel vapor line near the fuel tank filler tube. Does the test light illuminate?

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Check for the proper base idle setting. Remove the driver from the clelo belt automatic tensioner. Refer to the latest Techline procedure for the fault condition is no longer present.

Manual de utilizare statie de calcat Bosch TDS Manuale de utilizare Perform a crankshaft position system variation learn- ing procedure. Idle the engine for one minute. D Valves Faulty — Low compression pressure cielk the. Keep hands, tools, and clothing away from When the engine stops, the engine coolant cools and the engine cooling fans to help prevent personal in- contracts. Page 34 Tighten the rear timing belt cover bolts to 10 N m 89 lb-in. A 3 second delay after conditions met.

Page Tighten the fuel rail retaining bolts to 20 NSm 15 lb- ft. Go to Step 21 Go to Step 18 Does the table isolate a problem requiring a repair? Page Does the voltage measure near the specified value? Page M4 in the ECM harness connector to ground for 2 minutes. Remove the flywheel or flexible plate inspection cover bolts.

Install the exhaust manifold gasket. Install the exhaust manifold studs. Repair the open between the tehhnica fan relay A connector terminal 86 and the ignition switch. Connect the fuel tank filler tube and fuel tank vent tube. Make sure the throttle control cables do not hold the throttle open. Check for a proper thermo- Improper mating.

If the groove is so deep the refacing would result in a sharp edge, re- place the valve. Tighten Tighten the battery retainer clamp-to-battery rod nuts to 4 NSm 35 lb-in. M5 for an open or short. Fill the coolant system.

Page Is a problem isolated that requires a repair? A history Cieo is stored. Page Does the test light illuminate? Go to Step 9 Go to Step 8 Is the ignition system operating properly? Page 43 AB 5. Fill the surge tank to the specified MAX fill mark on the outside of the tank. Message is being sent. Remove the camshaft position CMP sensor bolts and sensor. The information is stored in the scan tool for later reference. Your notification Last email. If the voltage is less than the minimum listed, replace the battery.

Position the armature assembly into the field frame. Install the oil pan drain plug. Page OK at this point. Go to Step 8 Go to Step 9 Is the test light on? Go to Step 25 Go to Step 26 Is the problem found? Page Total Misfire Current Counter Indicates the total number of misfires that have been de- tected in all the cylinders after engine cycles. This workspace, the parking cars Statsgives access to statistics from the online market for cars: Disconnect the fuel injector connectors from the fuel injectors.

Replace the contaminated fuel. DTC s can be cleared by using the scan tool. Is the fuel pressure within the specifications? Remove the right upper radiator retaining bracket. Install the upper left radiator retainer bracket. Does the scan tool indicate that this diagnostic has Go to Step 16 Go to Step 2 run and passed?

Disconnect the idle air control valve IAC connec- tor. Page N m 15 lb-ft. Most 10 Related.


Specificațiile tehnice ale tuturor modelelor Daewoo

Install the lock ring into the groove on the driveshaft and insert the collar. Go to Step 5 Go to Step 4 Is a repair necessary? Connect the electrical connectors at the EVAP emission canister purge solenoid. Page 48 AB 5.



Measure the resistance between the CKP sensor terminals 1 and 3. Remove the right front wheel. Connect a test light between the cooling fan connector terminal B and ground. Remove the two retaining bolts from the fuel injector rail. The fault lies internally in the EGR valve and there- fore must be replaced. Page Is a problem isolated that requires a repair? Be sure all gasket material is time the diagnostic fails.

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