Synopsis[ edit ] Chime is narrated by Briony Larkin, a young woman growing up in the small town of Swampsea. For years she has hidden two secrets: that she is a witch and that her powers have caused harm to many people, including her twin sister Rose and her stepmother. While they were children, Briony grew jealous of the sudden amount of attention that their stepmother was paying to Rose and caused Rose to fall off of a swing set. The fall left Rose brain damaged and unable to live as she would have otherwise. That the Old Ones, the supernatural beings in the nearby swamp, are constantly begging her to write stories about them in order to ensure that they are remembered only adds to her stress.

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We had already read Shine and were completely confused and underwhelmed by it. Perhaps the National Book Award committee was wrestling with similar feelings, and that is what led to the gaffe.

I dunno. The first couple distinctions between these books are glaringly obvious by page 12 of Chime. Franny Billingsley can write circles around Lauren Myracle and the gaggle of Giggly Supernatural Romance YA authors who are flooding the market with shite. If I even know where to begin. Your flesh pushes back. These are the thoughts of Briony, our plucky witch! Billingsley does not trot out lusty teenagers and plop them in the middle of a heaving supernatural love triangle.

Or Shiver. Briony is astutely aware of the world around her. Or Mucky Face. Did anyone see him enter? When did I get here? I love Eldric. I hate myself. See what I did there? For a couple sentences you think, "Ah! I am comprehending this! My third grade reading teacher would be proud! Look at me! Ask me a question about what I just Chapters abruptly begin, abandoning the locations, focus, or characters of a previous chapter. Things happen suddenly with no explanation.

There were just tendons and blood spewing all over the place. And something about a Death Hand. The tender affection between the twins, despite their enormous differences, is authentic and lovely. Then my patience started to wane and there was a bit of teenage-love-rectangley not triangley! Then I thought, "No. This is well written and Briony is a strong, snarky character! She makes me laugh! I shall give it four! Then it dipped again.

And that was its death knell. So Chime or Shine? Death knell.


Franny Billingsley


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