Please log in to add or reply to comments. The exact quote is "Sledge hammer in a china shop, slow motion camera kind of shattering. It is twice or more by 15 and x more powerful then any other class. This has not been play tested obviously. Thanks for the feedback.

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Please log in to add or reply to comments. The exact quote is "Sledge hammer in a china shop, slow motion camera kind of shattering. It is twice or more by 15 and x more powerful then any other class. This has not been play tested obviously. Thanks for the feedback. Could you be more specific about what in your opinion makes this subclass es overpowered? For the Mystic, its just a divine soul with some very minor modifications to certain class features.

Most are taken verbatim from the appropriate level of other sorcerer subclasses. All spells are simply re-writing existing spells and the use of spell points is straight from the DMG. Unless you think that the Divine Soul Sorcerer is overpowered or the Sorcerer in general, I find it hard to know exactly what you are referring to.

The essential purpose of these classes was to provide options for players to play psionic characters within the existing framework of the game by simply renaming existing spells and class features so DMs would allow these classes at their tables. Also, many of the options acknowledge that they would be overpowered such as combining spell points and sorcerer points. In spite of this I would appreciate your feedback See more to make the class better and thanks again for considering it at your table.

Background: Acolyte Personality: Misquotes from religious text often with cryptic meanings. Ideal: Aspiration.

To become great and maintain the approval of his guru. Bond: His guru Flaw: Naiviety. Blind devotion to his guru. Equipment: Dagger, religious See more tome forbidden , priestly vestments, holy symbol, prayer beads. Lang: Common, ancient common. He was abandoned by his parents, for unknown reasons, and raised with his 3 siblings by his adoptive family. This led Juri to have a tramatic fall out with his adoptive father when he began his mentorship with his guru allow your DM to create an NPC if appropriate.

Juri mainly served as a sub-priest during services at the temple, when not studying attentively under his guru. Yuri trained for a couple years under his guru using various contemplate disciplines including meditation and lucid dreaming.

Yuri remembers nothing of the procedure and was passed out for 3 days. It took him months to fully recover and has never been the same since that day.

The procedure granted him new abilities e. The Wild Talents Feat , specifically, he learned to send and receive thoughts to another person Mind Link , to assault the mind of another Mind Thrust and to subtly influence others Charm Person. He desperately wants to find out what happened to his guru and will take risks to do so. Both his brothers are merchants, one successful, the other not and his sister possible NPC is a warlock infernal pact and now an adventurer which is unknown to him.

The last thing he knew was that his sister was sent to the main temple for some training. He is on friendly terms with all of his siblings. This being said a pure psionics class is also needed with paths under it but not like the mystic. Think like a wizard with schools.

The Mind path telepath, mediums, seerers, paths under it be devotions, the kinetic path, the cryo, pyro, etc as devotions under it. The devotion would just narrow the focus of the path, such as only fire damage for the pyro or abilities of foresight for the seer. It adds nothing to the game, and provides no reason not to just play a magical caster. I am curious which edition have you played most before 5e? This appears especially true for most of the classic psionic powers, such mass fly, levitate, Polymorph, domination, suggestion, teleportation spells, clairvoyance spells etc.

This becomes more so the case given that most people do not play above 12th level. What unique powers were you looking for? Thanks again. Was that just, too difficult to do?

You did it for the rest of the game system!


d&d 3.5 - psionics handbook

Psionics were first introduced in Eldritch Wizardry There was no official specific character class that specialized in psionic powers, although an unofficial class, the psionicist, was introduced in Dragon Magazine issue Powers are designated as either sciences major powers or devotions minor powers. As a psionicist gains experience and advances in level, he acquires more powers; for instance, a 1st-level psionicist has only one science and three devotions, but gets 10 sciences and 25 devotions if he makes it to 20th level.





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