Контроллеры температуры типа ЕКС. Page 2. Контроллеры температуры EKC Здесь приводится описание отдельных функций. Контроллер может температуры ЕКС

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Kajimi Enter your e-mail address, to which we will send a one-time notification when this product is available again. Thermostatic Expansion Valves flow direction: The relay cuts in when higher temperatures are required remember to cancel defrost functions and compressor functions. The function is furthermore only relevant if you have chosen defrost with interval start d The controller will register when the input is emc.

Set password Factory setting If you need to return to the factory-set values, it can be done in this dantoss EKC D Controller with three relay outputs, two temperature sensors and digital input. When gas defrosting the compressor relay will be cut in during defrost.

Copying concluded and OK 4: Carton box Delivery Time: The function delays the interval time d03 by the set number of minutes, but it only does it once, and this at the very first defrost taking place when voltage is connected to the controller. R22 Medium and high temperature scroll air-cooled condensing unit Box type air outlet danvoss side scroll ZB series.

If the function is controlled by a signal at the DI input, the relevant status can be seen here in the menu. Sensor error on Sair E Defrost on demand — aggregate refrigeration time Set here is the refrigeration time allowed without defrosts. If you push the top button in dxnfoss situation you can see the alarm report in the display. The controller is used for temperature control refrigeration appliances and cold room.

Ask for this product: The controller controls the defrost with either natural defrost or electric defrost. The time when water drips off the evaporator. The digital input can be programmed to. Sensor error on Saux When copying settings to or from a copying key with functions o65 or o66, the following information may appear: Fan Fan stopped at cut-out compressor Here you can select whether the fan is to be stopped when the compressor is cut out Delay of fan stop when compressor is cut out If you have chosen to stop the fan when the compressor is cut out, you can delay the fan stop when the compressor has stopped.

Push danfos middle button until the temperature value is shown 2. Select the relevant number. Controller for temperature control — EKC Manual A controller only contains this part of the functions.

The individual status codes have the following meanings: The set value can be locked or limited to a range with the settings in r02 and r If the Compressor in operation is unable to lower the temperature to the cutout point, the other compressor will be cut in again.

A measurement of the defrost temperature can be obtained directly through the use of an S5 sensor. Temperature signal 2 can be used for defrost stop based on temperature or for product sensor. Gold plating Cable length must be max. Instead of the compressor a solenoid valve may of course be connected in the liquid line. Order number or SW version do not match 9: When there is defrost with clock function on the DI input the interval time must be set for a somewhat longer period of time than the planned one, as the interval time will otherwise start a defrost which a little later will be followed by the planned one.

The function is used as a simple defrost start, or it may be used as a safeguard if the normal signal fails to appear. Lower alarm limit Here you set when the alarm for low temperature is to start.

All trademarks in this material are property of the respecitve companies. Defrost in progress S Roof mounted industrial Electrical defrosting air cooler low temperature DJ series for cold room. China Good Quality Box type condenser Supplier. R22 Medium and high temperature scroll air-cooled condensing unit Box type air outlet from side scroll ZB series.


ERC - multipurpose temperature controls

All outputs are Off. A special moulding technique unites the hard front danfpss, the softer buttons and the seal, so that they become an integral part of the front panel. Only the function belonging to the selected application can be seen. Delay on outputs during start-up Other displays: Pyskowicka 24, Zabrze is the administrator of the personal data provided by you in the above form. The display shows the actual room temperature, but by activating the keys the display changes To the set or the actual temperature of the defrost sensor.


Danfoss 102 Installation & User's Instructions

Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary for providing a reply. Ask danfkss this product: Integrated refrigeration-technical functions Defrost on demand in 1: The abovementioned does dandoss influence compliance with the right to process data, which was performed on the basis of the consent expressed by you, before you withdrew it. EKC for panel mounting and EKC for DIN-rail mounting have been specially developed for control duties in refrigeration plant so that operation, setting and programming are optimised and simplified as much as possible. Carton box Delivery Time: Fitting the EKC controller with a plug-in module for communication gives access to all parameters of dxnfoss controller. R22 Medium and high temperature scroll air-cooled condensing unit Box type air outlet from side scroll ZB series. To rate this product or to add a new review, you need to log in.


Control Danfoss EKC 102A 084B8500


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