Just an FYI, most writers go with a Mary, as the ideal of women remaining virgins until they find The One is allegedly still vastly appealing to the masses. I suggest creating a heroine thats never even been attracted to a man before. Step Two : Create a Ragebeast Your male lead should be over six feet tall, have dark hair, tattoos and so much testosterone-inflated muscle that he has to walk through doors sideways. The less he talks, the better.

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I am kind of disappointed, but at the same time- what was I expecting? World class vampire smut? Intricate plot and world building? I dont know who I was kidding. The writing was okay, but pretty average all in all. Again, I need to adjust my expectations- this is not Laini Taylor.

Not suspicious at all! If I didnt know this was a romance novel I could have been a convinced it was a thriller for the amount of times I I am kind of disappointed, but at the same time- what was I expecting? He could be a serial killer for all you know. No, Beth, Stop it! Just run. Save me the misery. Oh wait…. Never mind he is. He is literally centuries older than you, claims without evidence that he knows your dead father, beat up your friend in front of you.

This couple was very eh for me. Beth was just your average Mary Sue. Her only personality traits were that she is beautiful, and has never reciprocated any attraction to the MANY men who have pursued her… until wrath Wrath. Long black hair. Leather jacket. Thighs as thick as her waist. Is he a giant or something? Mr X straight up grossed me out and I could really do with not being inside his head.

The insta love in this bordered on ridiculous, but at the same time once I abandoned logic it sort of worked. I know I have been making fun at this book for most of this review, but I should admit that despite all its flaws, I was kind of addicted. It was trash, but at least it was enjoyable trash. I actually found the bare bones structure of the society and world building interesting, so I look forward to learning more about it in subsequent books.

This is the first in a huge series, and I trust all the people who assure me that it just grows exponentially better as it progresses. If you have read the rest of the series, what was your favourite? Read with the Pain in the Neck Book Club!


Dark Lover


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Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)


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