It was written by Robert B. It appears in print in the Diablo Archive. Description Since the beginning of time, the angelic hosts of the High Heavens and the demonic hordes of the Burning Hells have been locked in a struggle for the fate of all creation. That struggle has now come to the mortal realm What was to have been a victorious last stand against the demonic invasion of Entsteig has instead become a massacre.

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Summary[ edit edit source ] During the Night of Souls , Siggard awoke with barely any trace of memory of how he got there, or what happened to him. Following the road, he found a three-way crossroads. On the side, a hoisted corpse hanged from a tree. In the mist, he saw strange things, ghosts. It was the Night of Souls, when it is said that spirits return for vengeance and to roam the land in penance.

He made a campfire, and shortly fell asleep. In his dreams he saw Earl Edgewulf and his army. He is a shield-man and he was part of the shield wall at Blackmarch. The enemy approached, and in terror he gazed at demonic doglike creatures wielding axes and goatmen among other horrors. With a shake, a hooded figure with gray vestments woke him up asking if he could share the campfire.

Tyrael asked Siggard what brought him here of all nights. Last he knows, he was at the battle of Blackmarch, and based on the Night of Souls being today, that battle took place two nights before. Tyrael told Siggard he was 10 leagues south of Blackmarch, two days away. But he recommended him to go to Entsteig, for bad things have happened at Blackmarch. Siggard still wished to get back there to find out what happened to the army and to protect his wife and recently born daughter.

The night of souls was nigh over, and Siggard was alleviated that all the souls and bizarre visions would vanish with the dawn. Mysteriously, the robed figure was no longer there when Siggard turned around. Tyrael was gone. Siggard continued his journey toward Blackmarch through the roads, and while resting a vizjerei mage woke him up, asking permission to join him. Sarnakyle was an adventurer, exploring the country.

Sarnakyle had heard that the army of Entsteig had fallen to demons. As a master of magic, he was well versed on the demon lore and had manipulated demons himself. He considered he could be useful to Siggard on whatever he would face in Blackmarch. Demons had ravaged it. The buildings were ablaze, and a pile of decayed skulls were found at the townsquare. This bore ill thoughts for Siggard about the fate of his family.

There they found another pyramid of skulls, and among them was the head of Emilye. Siggard saddened before the remains of his wife. Sarnakyle detected three observers nearby lurking in the shadows. Sarnakyle found suspicious the demons would leave survivors. There Camylle asked Siggard what happened to him these past days. He only remembers the shield wall and some enemies in the forest, but all memory afterward is blurred. He thinks he appeared at Aranoch two days later during the Night of Souls.

When it was time to sleep, Sarnakyle asked Siggard to prepare for battle, to his surprise. Sarnakyle thought there would be treachery. First, how could there be ten survivors when the demons had killed everyone everywhere they had gone.

And how did they know he was a vizjerei and more importantly -- one of the Spirit Clan. Only two possibilities here could have known him for what he was: other Mage clan members or demons. With lights off, Siggard and Sarnakyle hid on each side of the door. Tylwulf entered the room and stabbed the forms under the blanket aiming for the heart. Siggard demanded to know the truth.

The 10 men that survived were offered power by the demons. They had simply to give them everyone pledged to the Light. They convinced the villagers to surrender to the demons, and they would give them mercy. However, the demons killed them all where they stood. The babies and children eaten by the demons. In horror after hearing this, Siggard killed them both.

Then slayed the other eight that came to confront him. A baron of Hell. One of great power had to led them. Siggard swore for the blood of his wife and that of the ten he had slain that he would find this archdemon and destroy it. He took Sarnakyle there to rest before continuing their journey, but the Inn was burned and its inhabitants dead.

A storm approached, and Siggard told Sarnakyle the only thing between the Inn and Brennor was a barrow-ground to the south of the Inn. The barrow was where the ancient kings were buried. There they protected themselves from the weather and lightning.

One of the crypts had strange runes and skeletons merged down onto the walls. One of the tombs had a runed sword. Sarnakyle identified it as forged by Velund. The swords were forged by him to be great allies to its owner. If the sword chooses its master, it serves him to death.

If Siggard was chosen, the sword would call to him and if Siggard said the true name of the sword, it would be his. The sword sung to Siggard in his mind. It sung of glory and battles, of armies of angels and demons. The skeletal limbs on the walls rose as if ready to strike the intruders.

Siggard said the name: Guthbreoht. The limbs and skulls rested back to their former position. Sarnakyle said these were the guardians of the sword. The storm stopped abruptly, and they left the crypt to find a better place to sleep through the night. Siggard slept while holding the sword Guthbreoht.

It sung to him during his dreaming. Memories assailed him. At Blackmarch, the shield wall was crushed in some places as boulders were thrown into the crowds of Entsteig soldiers, flattening entire groups. Spear-men kept holding their ground against the demons though.

Lots of doglike demons and goatmen carrying axes, clubs and bows killed various shield-men. Siggard killed a goatmen, and more kept coming. Suddenly, a giant demon came through. Archers hit it but the arrows would just bounce off its crimson chest. It had bright glowing red eyes, and horns protruded from its shoulders, elbows and knees.

It wore a primitive loincloth, a belt and a giant sword. On its chest an emblazoned glyph. The creature bellowed he was the favored of the Lord of Terror, Assur. He asked the army of Entsteig to surrender or they would die. Prince Hrothwulf screamed they would not surrender to darkness. Assur smiled and said everyone would die then. Suddenly, various shield wall soldiers from the back of the lines started dying, blood splashing everywhere.

An invisible force went through the army as a slaughtering force. The line was broken. The creatures wielding daggers started to materialize. Old Banagar was among the victims near Siggard. He continued killing the creatures, but the army was falling to panic by dozens.

Siggard awoke in the morning to see Sarnakyle preparing for their journey to Brennor. At midday, they reached Brennor -- a huge fortified town that was said to be impenetrable. Soldiers wore deep blue tabards and shining mail armor. The guards halted them and asked what their business was.

They were taken to the stone castle in the middle of Brennon. There they were welcomed by the Steward of Brennon, Hunfrith. Hunfrith refused to bother Earl Tilgar , and wished to know first what they wanted to tell the Earl of Brennor. Earl Tilgar was now busy with trying to reestablish power in a kingdom with no prince to lead the future of Entsteig. Siggard and Sarnakyle could be assassins for all they knew, wishing to slay Earl Tilgar.



Ill read the whole series and play the games. As he touched it, the sword came to life, singing to him of glory and battle. It sang of armies of angels and demons, and battles at the gates of Heaven itself. And throughout the song there was a single name, a name that Siggard only had to say once, and the blade would serve him forever. There are many corny lines and fantasy story cliches throughout, but there are also moments of surprising creativity and genuine drama. I feel like there was a great story here that was rushed along to fit a shorter e-book format. The character of Sarnakyle is a bright spot here, with a complex personality and entertaining demeanor and story.

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Knaak and is the third novel in the trilogy. The book details the climax of the struggles over the Sanctuary, and the warring forces of the Angels, Demons, Inarius, and the edyrem, and the mage clans of Kehjan, who all have a stake in the outcome. The book lays the ground for upcoming Diablo games and novels. However, things get complicated. Uldyssian renamed his followers as The Edyrem, the descendants of the firstborn: the Nephalem.

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