His music fell into the "avant-garde" category yet he did not discard chordal improvisation altogether although the relationship of his notes to the chords was often pretty abstract. His improvisations utilized very wide intervals, a variety of nonmusical speechlike sounds, and its own logic. Although the alto was his main axe, Dolphy was the first flutist to move beyond bop influencing James Newton and he largely introduced the bass clarinet to jazz as a solo instrument. He was also one of the first after Coleman Hawkins to record unaccompanied horn solos, preceding Anthony Braxton by five years. By Dolphy was recording regularly as a leader for Prestige and gaining attention for his work with Mingus , but throughout his short career he had difficulty gaining steady work due to his very advanced style.

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In junior high school Dolphy started playing the oboe and the alto saxophone. His parents converted their garage into a soundproof room so the young musician could practice. He learned the alto my imitating the sounds of Charlie Parker, his earliest influence. Dolphy graduated from high school and enrolled in classes at Los Angeles City College. He performed with the group through the year , when he enlisted in the United States Army. Dolphy subsequently spent two years in the service and was stationed in Washington D.

He briefly studied music at the United States Naval School in After his return to Los Angeles Dolphy led his own group for several years.

Among the tracks on this album which made listeners sit up and pay attention are On Green Dolphin Street and Glad to be Unhappy. He recorded another album as a leader, Out There, on August 15th.

Among the musicians who collaborated on this landmark recording, which featured two quartets, each recorded in a separate stereo channel, are trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, bassist Scott LaFaro, drummer Billy Higgins, trumpeter Don Cherry, and bassist Charlie Haden.

They are featured on such songs as First Take. From to , Dolphy primarily performed and toured with Charles Mingus. Increasingly, Dolphy began to favor the bass clarinet, as can be heard on his release Iron Man. This album contained some riveting solos which are extremely unpredictable and yet vulnerable.

He died on June 28th of that year in Berlin, Germany, of complications from diabetes. His efforts helped put the free-jazz movement on a firm musical foundation and point it towards the future.

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Eric Dolphy

Herrera St. May 14, , [5] was a ship engine worker of the Atlantic Gulf. The elder Quizon was the son of Modesto Quizon and Adorable Espinoza, whose great-great grandfather was a friar , and mother a vendor of rice cakes. For his primary education , he studied at the Florentino Torres High School until his sophomore year.





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