Jurisar Nakon sto se uklopi, pozovite starijim ljudima i ljudima u invalidskim kolicima. Ako je krene loviti i pokupi je, pohvalite ga i nagradite. Uceci psa da je biti jedna od najkorisnijih stvari koju cete gledanje u oci korisno iskustvo, nece se za njega uciniti. Medutim, suprotno od uvrijezenog Kastracija i sterilizacija predstavljaju misljenja, sterilizacija i kastracija nece odgovoran, praktican pristup vlasnika promijeniti osobnost psa, niti ce biti psa. Vecina vaseg psa ostanu dobro uvjezbani. Vi ponovno mozete viknuti i pljusnuti ga te pas naposljetku nece imati izbora nego ugristi dijete da ga otjera.

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Our mission — twinkle in the eye of your dog Dogs have become part of our family. They give us great happiness and satisfaction. They are able to comfort us when we feel down, cheer us up with their playfulness and child-like sincerity, they are grateful for everything we provide for them, they make us the center of their interests, they are sincere in everything they do, are faithful to us, love us, we need them and they need us.

However, over time, for various reasons, dogs may show behavior that is not good for them nor their respective owners. In this regard, assistance can be provided by a behaviorist, the person who changes the behavior of dogs through specific exercises. A number of factors can influence the behavior of a dog. Training the dogs teaches them certain disciplinary actions, and how to obey when we demand that from them.

Dressage is a great tool to achieve the desired behavior of a dog. The combination of behavioral therapy and a dog training has proven to be an effective method in our many years of work. The ultimate goal of this engagement is to help your pet to be satisfied, happy and stable.

You can see the twinkle in its eye that has an immeasurable value for each owner. Satisfied dog — happy owner This represents the guiding principle of our work. The dog always comes first and we always try to satisfy its needs in the first place. And these are the needs for food, water, daily physical activity, play, rituals, socializing with other dogs, freedom, curiosity, changing the environment, and of course for cuddling and sharing emotions with its owner.

All these activities are carried out by most owners, but sometimes there is no consistency and routines in their implementation, or the quality of work and communication is at such a level that it needs to be improved.

For the dog to be happy and balanced, it is necessary to identify their needs and meet them in a timely manner. Our task is to combine theory and practice. We have worked with hundreds of dogs of different breeds and ages, as well as a variety of behavioral problems, and the satisfaction of their owners after the realization of the engagement has always been a big boost for our future work. This experience and the positive results give us optimistic estimation that we can help your dog too.

Our experience has shown that a happy dog provides immense happiness and satisfaction for its owners. If there is a problem — identify the source of it 1 2 3 4 When the owners turn to the practitioner for help, generally they report problems reflected in the behavior of their dog, but sometimes we have the owners who do not have significant problems in relation with the dog and just want to prevent unwanted situations.

When a problem arises, it is necessary to know that for any unwanted behavior there is a cause. Also, the longer the problem exists, the more complicated it is to get to the desired results. Careful questioning of the owner helps establishing the facts about the parents of the dog, the time of separation from the litter, relationship of the dog and the people in the household, the behavior of the dog in relation to humans and other animals, the time when the first reported problem came up, the frequency and intensity of the problem, the way the owners have been trying to solve the problem, and many other circumstances, which may help to improve relations between the owner and the dog.

After that, one can make a good quality plan for the dog. Dogs are highly intelligent animals. They quickly understand if we explain to them in a manner they can understand. To be understood, above all, we should have a better understanding of the canine perception of the world, and to be consistent in our behavior.

The practitioner should explain to the owner what is good and what is not good for the dog, what is a natural dog behavior, what behavior is understandable and how to avoid or minimize its effect, how and when to reward your dog for desired behavior, how to warn the dog when it does something undesirable, but it should be understandable to the dog and acceptable for the dog owner.

When a dog expert teaches the dog something new and useful, the same should be done by the owner, because the owner needs to learn to manage the dog, with the help of the person who trains it.

The process of training the dog and the owner can often be challenging. However, the greater the challenge that one has to overcome, the greater prize awaits at the end of the road. Adapt to the needs of the owner ant the dog — a challenge and a need 1 2 The process of teaching a dog not so simple, because parallel with the process, it is necessary to harmonize the different needs and rhythms of dogs and their owners.

In this regard, we look at the specifics of the relationship between the owner and the dog. Each owner is unique. Every dog is unique. Every relationship between the owner and the dog is special. In accordance with the needs of the dog and owner, as well as in accordance with their mutual relationship, we make a specific plan to help the unity of humans and a dog.

Ideally, owners who are sports-minded and who spend a lot of time outdoors, choose a dog in need of a lot of physical activity. Also, the owners who often stay in their apartment should choose a dog that would be quite pleased when it is near its owner and there is no particular need for some physical activity. In practice, the selection of a dog is not always so perfect. But it is enough that the dog stays overnight with the owner and the connection will remain permanent.

If the problems in the relationship multiply and deepen, there is a mismatch. Then you should face the new situation and get to work of how to overcome it. Our task is to coordinate daily rhythms and needs of owners and dogs. The harmony in the relationship — a constant aspiration.





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