Due to the excessive thermal effect at the time of mounting, the thermal effect in the use environment, etc. Degradation of the solder joint interface due to the excessive thermal effect at the time of mounting Solder wetting failure [Failure at the mounting portion] Appearance of solder wetting failure portion Due to plating failure of electrodes of electronic parts and printed circuit board land, a solder wetting failure occurs. Below is the case caused by Sn plating failure of the printed circuit board. At the portion with solder wetting failure, Cu-Sn intermetallic compounds are present on the top surface. Intermetallic compounds have high melting points and inactive, resulting in degradation in soldering wettability.

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Take care so that the surface temperature of the sample SMD does not exceed the specified temperature during mounting. When the packages subject to the evaluation test are possibly mounted on a double print board, it is recommended to evaluate the life of the soldering with the components mounted on both sides of the board.

N is breaking life,? It explains the temperature cycling test for soldering joint for the life of the semiconductor devices and the joint on the board affected by the temperature rise expected when the semiconductor devices as SMD packages being mounted on the board are working. The temperature cycling test conditions are: F Semi-sine Wave Bending of lead o. It becomes free from the table immediately before collision with floor plate.

As the other method for lead less parts, there is the test method applies load from back side through the hole of test board. Makoto Kanayama Shindengen Electric Mfg. Remove the flux from sample by cleaning. IEC Ed 2. Therefore, correlation with the conditions in the actual usage of the package shall be fully taken into consideration. Eeiaj the environmental ed endurance test methods for semiconductor devices are becoming an important position at its development stage. The mount of deflection is 1.

The soldering strength in this case depends very much on the mount methods, the mount conditions, the used materials, the printed wiring boards, and so on. Therefore, just an example of test method is introduced in the standard. The axis of peel load shall be within 5 degree against vertical direction. Replace at an initial position with the same speed.

In addition, the drop test has mainly e with the conditions from cellular phone makers and other mobile device makers. These values are not specified. Reference Because this test shall be performed under actual use condition essentially, this standard provided the endurance test method is instead of actual use condition as similar as possible.

The solder grain size shall be meshes or less. It is desirable to consider possible failures for the design of the TEG. The semiconductor devices that are made with the object of being mounted on printed circuit boards by means of the surface mounting method. The position where a specimen is fixed 3. Naohiro Yasuda Fuji Electric Co. Eiak members of deliberation of this standard are below. If a solder eia is formed after soldering, change cream solder thickness, without being restricted to the above thickness.

Eiai material shall be as specified in 1 above, or shall provide a higher quality. The materials used to test the specimens. In this case, the failure modes occurred not only with the soldering joint but also with bonding part breaking of the ICs. A Ratio of Sweep: Unless otherwise specified, perform this test only once.

In view es mechanical strength, the stress of the soldering joint tends to be decreased with the board thickness increased. SCOPE Pull strength test for soldering joint This standard provides for endurance test methods to evaluate the endurance of pull strength for soldering joint between SMD and printed wiring board at SMD mounted board And, the application of this test method specified in the detail specifications.

It is recommended electric characteristics should be checked holing the specified deflection. If not specified, the following description shall be applied. Standards 20 Functioning Temp. Ec Level Reliability test methods for semiconductor devices.

From the circumstance above, wedecided to establish the drop test standard. A variety diaj proposals were also made on the hold time. The heating treatment, equivalent to the actual mounting by eeiaj, which the specimens are submitted to. Moreover, during the electrical measurements, the measurement conditions should not exceed the maximum ratings. This phenomenon might affect to broken strength data.

The specimen shall be dropped with placed on a table. Mechanical stress test methods for semiconductor surface mounting devices. The Standards are composed of the following 3 kinds of materials;?

Non-destructive recognition procedures of defects in Eizj Carbide Wafers Part 3: Table 2 Standard mount reliability test board layer configuration Types A, B, and C 1st layer 2nd layer 3rd layer 4th layer Signal ed layer Plane layer or mesh layer Plane layer or mesh layer Signal path layer 1st layer 2nd layer 3rd layer 4th layer 5th layer 6th layer Type D Signal path layer Plane layer or mesh layer Plane layer or mesh layer Plane layer or mesh layer Plane layer or mesh layer Signal path layer Note: TOP Related Articles.


Material & Reliability Testing

Malmaran These values eia not specified. Under these circumstances, the standardization of the reliability evaluation methods for the soldering joint on the board and the semiconductor devices being mounted on that board, under actual operating environments after the semiconductor packages have been mounted on the board, is required. Portable appliance testing wikipedialookup. The support must be on a flat and rigid test table so that is not affected by an applied pressure. The temperature on the surface of the specimen at the point specified in the relevant specifications. In-line evaluation methods and structural analysis methods for semiconductor devices Amendment1. Printed circuit board This specification shows the conditions of general printed circuit board.



Akijinn Climatic test methods C: From the circumstance above, wedecided to establish the drop test standard. Maximum allowable supply voltage Load: Repeat the cycles specified in the detail specifications. In this test, the printed circuit board, solderability, and the SMD may cause complex effects. And, the application of this test method specified in the detail specifications.



Tur Kohki Ohara Ricoh Co. Portable appliance testing wikipedialookup Electromagnetic compatibility wikipedialookup Semiconductor device wikipedialookup. The specimen shall be dropped with suspended by ed The measurement condition shall be carried out for the items and under the conditions, those specified in the detail specifications.

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