Der Pax schickt Das Shrike, eine zeitmanipulierende Kampfmaschine aus der Zukunft, begleitet Aenea und ermordet dabei die Truppen nach ihrer Ankunft. Sie ist in der Lage, die seit Dem Fall deaktivierten Farcaster zu nutzen. Auf jeder Welt, die sie erreichen, warten neue Herausforderungen auf sie. Auf Gods Grove kommt es dabei zum Showdown.

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Tauk But first they must embark on a final spectacular mission to discover the underlying meaning of the universe itself. Like all buildings on the planet it is built high in the mountains to keep it free of the phosgene clouds that rise several kilometers above the acid seas.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? She is Aenea and she has undergone a strange apprenticeship to those known as the Others.

Aenea realises that they seek to force her to cast away and use the gathered data to replicate her abilities. Radamanth Nemes and her two siblings attack Aenea and Raul with intent to kill. Pax solo teme la llegada de un mesias. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The time of reckoning has arrived. Views Read Edit View history. Raul and Aenea are arrested. Cover of first edition hardcover. See all free Kindle reading apps. Los anales de los Heechee I. El ascenso de Endymion — Dan Simmons — Google Books Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer — no Kindle device required.

The resurrection uses energy from The Void Which Binds, causing irrepairable damage. The cyborgs catch up with the heroes, but Shrike takes out the two remaining siblings, while Nemes herself is defeated by Raul as once powerful entities from The Void Which Binds block her phasing abilities. Pages to import images to Wikidata. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

People who take communion from Aenea by drinking wine infused with a drop of her blood undergo several changes due to the virus she carries: Father Captain de Soya, after near exile for failing, is recalled to captain one of the new ships. Aenea repeatedly refuses to let Raul take communion from her, claiming that they cannot afford the distraction brought on by the new experiences.

Visit our Help Pages. An envoy of the Pax led by Cardinal Mustafa discover them. When Raul counts up the months she mentions in the story of her travels across space he determines there is a substantial gap unaccounted for and on questioning her Raul becomes especially jealous of an unknown man with whom Aenea spent just under two years whom she married and to whom she bore a child.

After capture Aenea is tortured by Nemes at the order of the TechnoCore ambassador. All had their cruciforms ripped out by the construct, killing them permanently. The old architect dies when she is sixteen and Aenea tells Raul that he has to leave and travel via Farcaster portal along the River Tethys, but she will meet him at the end of his journey on the planet Tien Shan.

Gracias al control del parasito cruciforme, la Iglesia ofrece inmortalidad y la nueva fe es niversal. Raul is sentenced to death but not wishing to sully their hands by murder he is placed in his far away Schrodinger cell with cyanide that will be triggered by radioactive decay.

There he meets survivors of an attack and retreat by loyalist Pax forces who are now held up on a single planet with only a few million people as opposed to the hundreds of billions before Aeneaincluding Father de Soya. She reveals to the present Pax officials the physical location of the Technocore; inside the cruciforms.

Works by Dan Simmons. Read more Read less. Later, Nemes reveals herself as an agent of the TechnoCore, not a loyal servant of the Pax, and for his presumption at giving her orders, Nemes kills all of the envoys except for the cardinal whom she maims and blinds.

The Shrike appears, forcing Mustafa to call off the attack earlier, Mustafa had visited Mars, where he witnessed people killed by Shrike. TOP Related Articles.



Start your review of El ascenso de Endymion Los cantos de Hyperion, 4 Write a review Shelves: sci-fi , sky-cake , space , time-travel , , hyperion-cantos I survived! As Ive reported in my previous reviews of this series there were times where it seemed as if my gray matter was going to be permanently fried by this epic sci-fi story. I finally got through to the end with most of my marbles still in the bag they came in. Its almost impossible to give a summary of this without spoiling the previous book so Ill just say that Aenea and Raul Endymion continue their interstellar journey to fulfill her ultimate destiny as the powerful forces of a corrupted I survived! Oh, and the mysterious and deadly time-traveling Shrike continues to pop up. What Simmons has done here is create a tale that spans time and space in which even Jesus was a player and the ultimate stakes are the fate of evolution of life in the entire universe.


Endymion (Simmons)





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El ascenso de Endymion / The Rise Of Endymion


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