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Pack of 48 1. When I computed value by dividing capacity by the cost per battery of the cheapest package size, they took a respectable third place, and they have the advantage of being a trusted name compared to the value leader. This means the same equipment, same environmental conditions, and same slots in the equipment will be used for each test. For each test, I fully discharge 3 batteries in my Opus BT-C battery analyzer at rates of ma, ma, and ma discharge rate affects usable capacity.

Although both the Amazon batteries and the ACDelco batteries are certainly made on contract by a third party, I do think that I trust Amazon a bit more to provide consistent batteries than ACDelco I did save a bunch of I use them in power blinds and had 2 of the battery cartridges for the blinds destroyed Move on To late to get my money back because I wanted these on hand for when the originals failed, which started in Jan And they look really cute and come packaged well.

For example, I have two small strands of fairy lights that are battery dependent pictured with AA battery for size comparison. Each strand needs 3 AA batteries. They have a timer allowing for 8 hours of use every day.

When the ikeabrand batteries died after being in use for 1 year , I replaced the batteries with these amazon basics batteries. The amazon basic batteries only lasted one month. Maybe I just got a bad batch. Today I heard a loud pop and sizzling.

There was clear liquid coming from the batteries. The batteries have expanded and are still sizzling. Battery leak - rare, but be careful where these are used 1 stars I was aware that AmazonBasics batteries would not be as durable as more costly batteries and I have used these in various devices over the last year.. The AA battery was one of 36 required to power 3 large Hunter Douglas fabric blinds.

Less than 2 weeks after the annual battery replacement, I found that a black liquid was oozing from one of the battery holders, downward onto the blind, visible from both inside and from the patio outside.

I removed all 12 batteries which were all dripping the liquid acid?? Worse yet, the mess permanently dulled a large granite island nearby while cleaning the batteries and my hands. Conclusion: these are very inexpensive, low to medium quality batteries. Do not use them for any purpose or devices where leaks would be a concern.

Not a good battery at all 1 stars Not happy with these at all bought them at Christmas for toys and they have exploded in 4 of 5 toys they were put in. All batteries have leaked. My daughter loved it : Leaked after 2 weeks of use! Dated 3 stars I WAS happy with these batteries. However, after 2 weeks of use, one battery leaked and ruined a string of lights. So disappointed! I called and spoke with Amazon. I was told since they were a year old, too bad so sad. I was not looking for a refund, just asking if there is a recall since the product description says these are rated for a 10year antileaking shelf life.

Not sure what shelf life is vs usage. But it seems like it should not break open and leak battery acid after 2 weeks of use. The battery is dated Honestly, I think I am more disappointed by the lack of concern by the rep.

She kept saying they could not offer a refund despite me saying that was not my concern. I was calling to ask if there was a recall and to express concern over the leakage with a short period of use. These Suck!!! The kitchen clock now runs slow; constantly having to set it. The hallway thermostat batteries have been replaced twice this month. Normally those devices last 6 to 10 months on Energizer or Duracell. Amazon I want my money back!! The next morning, my son called me into the living room, "Mom!

It was battery acid. The five new batteries were in place for about 18 hours before the leak was discovered.

The green seal fell off of two of the five batteries as I removed them from the compartment. The acid left a 2" stain on my table. The attached photo shows the rings that fell off.

Good Value - Some undervoltage batteries out of the box! I found this out because I had replaced a pair of batteries in one of my remote sensors for my wall mounted indoor weather station because the had sensor stopped working. So I tried several times to reset both the sensor and the station with no luck. At one point, I had all of the batteries out to force a reset and put them back. But now my weather station would not power up either. That was the clue I needed. I got my trusty multimeter with battery tester and checked out all 5 of the Amazon Basics AA cells.

Like all NEW 1. Two of them were at 1. This is the first and only time I have ever seen fresh batteries arrive in a "not as new" condition with caused problems with my electronics.

Buyer beware Caveat Emptor seems to be the bottom line. Cable Length: 6 feet 1. Works perfectly! I saw many reviews referencing these cables not being able to handle 4K HDR or support chroma at 60Hz.

The bottom two lines are perfectly visible using this cable. There is no need to buy more expensive HDMI cables 5 stars Please do not waste your hard earned money on overpriced HDMI cables in the name of picture or sound improvements. Since High-speed cables are so cheap e. There is NO in between. HDMI 1. Although there is a difference between them you can google that yourself , there is no such thing as a HDMI 1.

The cable simply is a pipeline linking the two. Decent Chord Once Setup 3 stars I ordered the foot cable in order to run it behind our wall and through a two-by-four so I could hook our TV up to the DirecTV box while also hiding the chords. The foot chord is heavy and really thick, almost twice as thick as a standard HDMI cable. The cable also had issues reading the satellite box to the TV, but after unplugging and re-plugging a few times it eventually worked.

Now that everything is setup it is working just fine, but the size of the chord did present some problems. It actually works, Get this cable for 4K PC gaming! And you can guess those claims fell flat and they did not work whatsoever, Most of those other cables would have no image to the TV when selecting HDMI 2. Well I am happy to report this is the very first cable I got that finally works as advertised. It can fully transmit a 4K 60Hz image over a 25 foot cable with no signal loss whatsoever.

It even fully supports chroma like a charm. This cable is an absolute beast and I cant believe how cheap it is. This cable is also twice as thick as any of the other HDMI cables I have and that just goes to show the great build quality, Its not a downside in any way, I just put the cable up on the wall across some nails and held up no problem.

I am a very technical person when it comes to this stuff, this cable has it all, Full support for every chroma color mode and full fledged 4K 60Hz. This Amazon cable does not have this issue.

Gaming from my PC to my TV is finally a fully enjoyable experience. Great with 4K TV 5 stars I bought this for my mom actually. The trouble is, thicker jackets do not equate to higher quality. Thinner jackets work just as well and are much less aggravating to work with. There are only 3 possible outcomes with any given HDMI cable: 1. Does not work 2. Works with artifacts random white dots 3. Works If your outcome is 1 or 2, your equipment does not like the cable, or you need an active cable for a long run.

If your outcome is 3, you are good to go. There is no higher quality level than "works," considering the error-corrected digital nature of how HDMI signals are transmitted. That is a long-winded explanation of why this cable is unnecessarily thick. Thicker absolutely does not mean more "premium" -- just more difficult to use. Or, in my case, impossible to use.


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