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A small percentage of children with Crouzon syndrome also have a skin condition called acanthosis nigricans. This condition causes dark, thick, and rough patches of skin to form in folds like the armpits, neck, behind the knees, and groin. Mutations can affect whatever functions a specific protein has. FGFR2 codes for a protein called fibroblast growth factor receptor 2. As a baby develops in the womb, this protein signals bone cells to form. A baby only needs to inherit one copy of the gene mutation from a parent to get Crouzon syndrome.

If you have this condition, each of your children has a fifty-fifty chance of inheriting it. This inheritance pattern is called autosomal dominant. In about 25 to 50 percent of people with Crouzon syndrome, the gene mutation happens spontaneously. Complications of Crouzon syndrome can include: hearing loss vision loss inflammation in the front of the eyes exposure keratitis or in the membrane lining the whites of the eyes exposure conjunctivitis drying of the clear outer covering of the eye cornea fluid buildup in the brain hydrocephalus How is it treated?

Children with mild Crouzon syndrome may not need to be treated. Those with more severe cases should see craniofacial specialists, doctors who treat disorders of the skull and face. In more severe cases, doctors can perform surgery to open up the sutures and give the brain room to grow. After the surgery, kids will need to wear a special helmet for a few months to reshape their skull. Surgery can also be done to: relieve pressure inside the skull fix a cleft lip or palate correct a malformed jaw straighten crooked teeth correct eye problems Children with hearing problems can wear hearing aids to amplify sound.

Kids with this condition may also need speech and language therapy. They also use imaging tests such as X-rays, computed tomography CT , and magnetic resonance imaging MRI scans to look for fused sutures and increased pressure in the skull. Tests to look for mutations in the FGFR2 gene can also be done.


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