Tygozahn Definition of the stress components, indefinite equations of vioal, rotation of the reference system and stress principal directions. Texts, readings, handouts and other learning resources. Esse3 — Students and teachers. Teaching Methods 60 hours of lectures, 40 hours will be devoted to theory and 20 hours will be tutorials. Skip to main content.

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Nar Cardinal equations of statics. Attending this class, students will become able to develop applications covering all treated issues. Reference texts Lecture Slides available on https: Gerber, truss structure, three hinges arches, closed frames, examples. B-1 Elementary functions and their graphs; B-2 Vectors and analytic geometry; B-3 Matrices, systems erasmoo linear algebraic equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors; B-4 Derivatives and study of functions by differential calculus; B-5 Integrals; B-6 Differential equations.

Subject fundamentals The main aim of this course is to give the basic notions in order to handle the response study of a deformable body subjected to distributed and point static loads.

Teaching Methods 60 hours of eserciitazioni, 40 hours will be devoted to theory and 20 hours will be tutorials. In case the necessary financial support will be granted, a tutor will be available to help students improving their skills. In particular, esercitaxioni systems, statically determinate and undeterminate structures and linear elastic deformable solids will be dealt with. Strutture isostatiche e geometria delle masse. Principio dei lavori virtuali e teoremi sul lavoro di deformazione Traditional lectures chalks on blackboard are interspersed with some exercise sessions, where students are required to solve practical problems, which are similar to those presented in the final tests.

The de Saint Venant problem: Free and constrained systems, labile, statically determinate and statically indeterminate systems. Expected learning esercitazikni This course gives to students the knowledge necessary to perform validation and design calculations of simple structural elements subjected to different load configurations. People search Search with a name Search with a name. More Information In the Course website student will find Course notes and solved tutorials.

Access to the web portal Username. The basic tools are introduced initially referring to simple problems and then considering cases of increasing complexity. Exam dates are known in large advance and students have to book on-line in due time, at least 48 hour before the exam; students eramo to comply with this requirement will not be admitted to the exam room. Definition of the stress components, indefinite equations of esercitazioji, rotation of the reference system and stress principal directions.

The Course develops the knowledge acquired during classes of Mathematics and Physics; topics peculiar to Solids and Structural Mechanics and Strength of Materials are carefully developed, which will be used in the class of Theory and Technology of Structures Tecnica delle costruzioni. The competence level of the Course of Theory of Structures are defined following the SUA CdS document and, in more detail, they are described as follows.

A-1 Basic dimensions and units of measures; A-2 Vectors: Con esercizi risolti e programma di calcolo. The final evaluation is performed through a 2-hours written exam with one or more exercises depending on their complexitysimilar to those proposed during the course, and with one or more questions on the theoretical contents. It also provides basic knowledge on the fundamentals of structural computing.

Application to the calculation of displacements and rotations in statically determinate and indeterminate structures and to the solution of statically indeterminate structures. After the course the student erasmk be able to use esercitaizoni theory and analysis techniques to solve basic problems in structural mechanics and understand the behaviour of structural elements under different load actions.

Progetto Leonardo — Soc. Lecture Slides available on https: Theoretical questions allow obtaining up to a maximum of 15 points on the total available Esse3 — Students and teachers. Principio dei lavori virtuali e teoremi sul lavoro di deformazione : Erasmo Viola : The use of supporting material books, lecture notes, formularies, etc. Note for Erasmus students: Written test are valid only for the academic year in which they have been taken: Bologna — Esercizi di Scienza delle Costruzioni.

Definition of the strain components. During classroom exercises, the basic concepts on cross-section properties centre of gravity, static moments, moments of inertia, transposition theorems for the static moments and moments of inertia, principal and central directions of inertia will be provided and numerical applications of the theoretical contents of the course will be proposed: The exam consists in a in-class test and an oral interview.

Displacement in determinated structures and solutions of undeterminated structures. Prerequisites Esercitaziobi operations, matrix operations, basic issues of linear algebra, analytic geometry, differential geometry, functions of one or several variables concept of limit, differentiation rules, integration rules, Taylor series.

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