Home Press releases Telstra first to deploy new IP The SSR is a new ultra-high capacity and highly scalable product from Ericsson that is capable of performing many different functions related to the handling of IP packet data in carrier networks. To manage traffic growth and to enable us to offer our subscribers an unparalleled diversity of applications, as well as greater choice in devices, our network needs to be smarter. It enables network operators to meet increasingly complex requirements that demand scalability, smartness and simplicity of next-generation networks.

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Home Press releases Ericsson releases new router w The portfolio is ideal for mobile and fixed IP backhaul that can aggregate 2G, 3G, 4G and fixed access traffic. The SSR consumes only 3. Capacity planning will drive the decision and a customer can deploy both and nodes in the same network. SSR family routers offer different footprints while using the same universal slots, hosting the same hardware and software components, and using a common management system.

Supporting the same IP applications with routers of different sizes gives operators flexibility in network design and reduces the total cost of ownership through savings on expenses such as spares, training, space and power.

As network traffic continues to increase exponentially, the traditional approach of building networks with more capacity than required will become prohibitively expensive.

Smart Services Routers enable network operators to cost-effectively meet the 4th-generation IP network requirements of smartness, simplicity, superior performance and scalability.

Given we anticipate that the traffic between data centers and end users will quadruple to close to 1, exabytes annually by , demand for smart solutions of this type is expected to be strong. Smart Services Routers can scale to meet the bandwidth needs of even the most demanding applications.

The SSR will be commercially available in Q3


MTN Nigeria employs Ericsson's SSR 8020 to build IP network of future

The solution provides operators with a simple, smart and scalable solution for converged networks. As a consolidated platform for both fixed and mobile network applications, the SSR enables complete network convergence so subscribers can access services from any device or location. When more and more different types of data-driven devices are connected to networks, operators will need to handle unprecedented amounts of traffic and be prepared to cope with an unparalleled diversity of applications and end-user devices. The 4th generation of IP networks must enable users to access the Internet anywhere at anytime, while delivering personalized services.


Ericsson introduces SSR 8000 family of Smart Services Routers

The Smart Services Router SSR platform allows operators to introduce newer, smarter functions and capabilities to enhance the mobile broadband experience for end users. With over million mobile subscriptions overall, Nigeria is the largest and one of the fastest growing telecoms market in Africa. MTN hosts over 42 million of those subscribers, and the company has always worked to meet, and exceed the expectations of its subscribers by improving the quality of its service through a very aggressive network roll out and optimization strategy. The SSR has a backplane capacity of up to 16 Tbps, state-of-the-art signalling capacities, an easy-to-use administrative interface, and sophisticated availability and resilience capabilities.

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