His mother knew before his birth that he was to be a guiding light for the people of this World; she called him Svetozar, meaning The Lightbearer, which he began penning publicly when he volunteered in the Russian Red Cross during the war. From through , Baron Eugene was investigated by the U. He was teaching what the U. In late September of , the United States Government closed its investigation. By early , the U. Government allowed Baron Eugene to become an American Citizen and granted him free reign to publish through the American Press, his already well-studied teachings.

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Fundamentally, though, Fersen presents a course based on channeling a Universal Life Energy that produces Success with a capital ess in all of these areas. Life energy. The Life level is embodied by the Star Exercise, a physical routine whose purpose is to make contact, circulate, and cultivate the Universal Life Energy. To perform the exercise, stand with the body in a five-pointed star-shaped configuration: legs somewhat more than shoulder width apart and arms straight out to the sides, left hand palm up and right hand palm down.

In this configuration, the Life Center, a point located at the base of the spine, acts as a magnet to attract the Universal Life Energy and to cast it into magnetic energy, or Life Energy, the physical manifestation of the universal. The pull of the Life Center draws energy through the fingertips of the upward facing left hand and down the spinal cord to the Life Center. From the Life Center, the transformed energy is pushed to the Solar Plexus.

Fersen also calls this area the abdominal brain. From the Solar Plexus, the magnetic energy is distributed to those parts of the body that require it, but, in particular, the magnetic energy is returned to the spinal cord, passes through the seventh cervical vertebra, and enters the back part of the brain. This process of energy ingestion, transformation, storage, and distribution is the basis of all Success.

Leaving the back part of the brain, the energy is further transformed in order to power the successive levels of human nature: the Pituitary Body casts energy into mental energy, and the Pineal Body casts energy into spiritual energy.

Once the storage capacity of the Solar Plexus has been filled, excess energy is routed to the down-turned right hand and into the earth. As the energy flows through the fingertips, the thumb bears the strongest current, followed by the index finger, ring finger, pinky finger, and, at last, the middle finger.

Mind force. This energetic process naturally functions as a result of the physical laws governing Universal Life Energy and the attraction exercised by the Life Center.

However, to achieve any benefit from the process, one must become conscious of it. Fersen introduces the exercises of Silence and Relaxation to actualize this consciousness: Relaxation is the complete relaxation of body, mind, and emotions; Silence is the stilling of the willful mind. When one is relaxed and the Will is stilled, the mental conception separating Universal Life Energy from Magnetic Energy is deposed. It is flowing through me now. Another aspect of relaxation is the requisite to conquer fear.

Naturally under these conditions the Life Force concentrated within your Life Center cannot attract the Universal Life Energy which surrounds your body on every side. That is why Relaxation and Silence are such important exercises for the harmonization of the body… Harmony means Equilibrium, and Equilibrium is Power. Controlling fear is particularly significant given that Success in life is a direct result of confronting Opposition, the progenitor of fear; and Opposition itself is necessary to develop the Life, Mind and Soul — by forcing their exertion.

Thus to make contact, attract, store, and distribute Life Energy via the body center and throughout the body, and to power the Mind and Soul levels that chase higher order accomplishments Truth, Love, Poise, etc.

In all pursuits, therefore, it is imperative to first make contact with the Universal Life Energy in order to draw whatever Power may be required. I am all power. With what power then art thou fighting me? The process of relaxation, though, cannot be mastered overnight. In the workbook, each of twenty-seven distinct lessons presents a specific exercise that drills that lesson, yet all such exercises begin with the Star Exercise — as all exercises depend upon the awareness of the energetic center, it is necessary to practice this foundational exercise always.

Perfect relaxation is not an easy thing to achieve. In fact, it is the most difficult of any mental feats, because Mind is volatile, quick, full of aggressive activity. Contact with Universal Intelligence requires stillness, passivity, a rich sense of harmony within. Posted by Greg Filed in Diagrams , Hermetic.

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