Operations performed by this Super Puma range from the servicing of offshore oil rigs, cargo sling missions and evacuation duties to VIP transportation of top government officials. In addition to their role as rotary-wing aircraft of choice for offshore operations, the ASL2s have been assigned special duties such as the transportation of high-level government officials, medical evacuation MEDEVAC flights, rescue work in northern Vietnam during the rainy season, and typhoon-related evacuations. The cornerstone AS combines twin-engine safety and medium-class performance with modern avionics and a glass cockpit, while the latest-generation EC derivative offers enhanced capabilities with an increased takeoff weight, more powerful engines, a five-blade main rotor and an advanced autopilot that incorporates state-of-the-art flight control modes approach upper modes, envelope protection,…. Established in in Singapore, ESEA is in-charge of the sales and customer support activities of 15 territories in the region. In , ESEA achieved a turnover of million euros. With a staff-strength of more than professionals, the company has developed a successful commercial network of Singapore-based sales team and regional sales managers and technical representatives.

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Image: courtesy of Georgios Pazios. Designed and developed by Eurocopter now Airbus Helicopters , the aircraft supports multiple mission needs. The helicopter is intended to perform combat, search-and-rescue CSAR , search-and-rescue SAR , as well as maritime surveillance operations.

It can be configured to carry out law enforcement, peace-keeping, public security, drug trafficking, humanitarian deployments, passenger transport, utility airlift, MEDEVAC, firefighting missions.

AS C1e Super Puma orders and deliveries Eurocopter X3 It will be one of the fastest fixed-wing helicopters in the world, with a projected speed of km per hour.

The first and second helicopters were delivered in December and the next two in March The helicopters are intended to performing fight drug trafficking, civil security and public service duties across the country. Deliveries are expected to conclude in AS C1e design and features "It can carry a maximum cargo sling load of 4,kg. The tailcone is constructed in monocoque structure and is equipped with a five-bladed anti-torque rotor.

The helicopter is attached with a retractable, tricycle landing gear. The main landing gear features trailing arm design, while the nose landing gear has a caster wheel. The Super Puma has a length of It can carry a maximum cargo sling load of 4,kg and a useful load of 4,kg.

It is attached with a hoist with a capacity of kg and jettisonable life rafts to carry additional loads. On-board crew consists of one pilot, one co-pilot, engineer and rescuer. The NVG-compatible glass cockpit is equipped with crashworthy seats, two jettisonable doors and two windshield panes.

Its cabin accommodates up to 17 passengers and features two jettisonable sliding doors fitted with two windows each. Three windows are located on both sides of the cabin to facilitate emergency exit. The cabin can also be equipped with up to six stretchers for medical evacuation missions. A special single-step door is attached to the aft fuselage compartment.

Additional equipment onboard the AS C1e include a fire extinguisher, anti-smoke equipment, and a system for flight in moderate icing conditions. The helicopter is equipped with a Bendix B radar for the detection of small boats at long ranges.

It also features a Spectrolab searchlight and loud hailers. It is also installed with a fuel system of 1,l capacity. The transmission system consists of one main gearbox, one intermediate gearbox, one tail gearbox, one rotor brake, one main gearbox oil cooling system and two main gearbox bay fire detection circuits. It can climb at a rate of 8. It can carry out missions for more than minutes without reserve at a speed of 70k.


Eurocopter AS332 L2 Super Puma MkII (FSX/FSXSE/P3D)

The project was publicly announced at the Paris Air Show. While the new design maintained a similar generator layout to the preceding AS , it was powered by two of the new and more powerful Turbomeca Makila turboshaft engines, which drove a four-bladed main rotor which made use of composite materials. A great level of attention was paid to making the new model better withstand damage. A more robust fuselage structure was adopted along with a new crashworthy undercarriage, the rotor blades are also able to withstand a level of battle damage, as are the other key mechanical systems across the rotorcraft. The Super Puma also demonstrated far superior flight stabilisation tendencies and was less reliant on automated corrective systems.


Eurocopter AS332 / Super Puma helicopters for sale


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