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Its unique design lies in the fact that it in- corporates all three relays typically needed in a conventional freezer, i. In addi- tion however the instrument also houses an internal buzzer for alarm annunciation. A number of parameters are displayed al- phanumerically to set up the instrument for each specific application. OPERATION The temperature control is always subject to a positive temperature differential make on rise : the compressor stops when set- point is reached and starts again upon reaching the setpoint temperature plus the differential.

A choice of two defrost types is available: electric defrost during which the compres- sor stops or hot gas defrost during which the compressor is running. Other pro- gramming options include: defrost fre- quency time, time count mode, defrost termination temperature, and a defrost safety limit time-out.

The evaporator probe is used to control the defrost cycle as well as the evaporator fan: a selection can be made of the tem- perature above which the fan is OFF, the post-defrost fan delay time and the link be- tween fan and compressor.

A number of compressor short-cycle pro- tection solutions i. Thanks to a wide selection of other avail- able parameters the controller can be adapted to virtually any application require- ment.

The system will automatically switch to normal display after 5 seconds upon release of buttons and the new value will be memorized.

UP: used to increase the setpoint value, as well as the parameter when in program- ming. When held down for a few seconds, the change rate accelerates. DOWN: same functions except to de- crease a value. DEFROST: this momentary push button will start a manual defrost cycle whenever it is activated for at least 5 seconds; not accessible when in setpoint or parameter programming. The programmed interval to the next defrost cycle is automatically re- set.

It is ON when the com- pressor is ON. It is on during automatic defrost; it blinks dur- ing manual defrost. NOTE: to silence the alarm sound buzzer inside the instrument push one of three buttons on the front.


EWPC 972 / EWPC 973 / IS 972 / IS 973 / IS 974




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