Ans:-secondary Qthe general insurance policies are generally underwritten for Ans:-a period of one year and in some cases less than one year Qthe tradable form of a loan is termed as a debt instrument Ans:-true Qcps , cds and t. Of india. Qthe ultimate target groups under micro finance scheme of nedfi are? Ans:-farmers,petty traders,women and youth. Qthe life insurance business of large number of companies was nationalised in?

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New Project Idea 1. There should be a website like ti know the exact location of the mobile subscriber. This work like as we input a mobile number and we get the exact location of user. This can be simply access through a website that be more user friendly and interactive as well. When an user want to know about his colleague, friend, relative etc. He has to only enter the mobile no of that particular person through input screen and User will gets the exact location details of desire mobile number subscriber.

Let us simplify this idea through taking a small situation. Like in a family their are five member and one of the member went to somewhere out of city or country. So they can quickly access Internet website and enter member mobile number and get his location whether he has reached to the destination. Origination of Idea: My one of the family member suffering from some illness and other family member and relatives, i have called to come.

But now i was very much eager to know their exact location of them where hey have reached at particular point of time. Every things which makes life easier those also have some side effects as well. People may use it wrong manner. So when this project will be made or some body will take decision, he will take care of many point that should not be there. Benefits: 1. People easily get the details location of their family and friend which is most likely.

Government can also use this is in very good sense. Let the announce the red alert area why knowing the location of some doubtful numbers.

One of the way to about a person to call him. It will reduce the people who lie in their life most. This can bring very truth atmosphere in the world and habit to talk truth all the time.

Demerits: There are some demerit as well but here i am not listing. But you very clear know some good thing also have some negative but that can be restricted. For More Details: Contact : or mail at skdwivedi gmail.


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