No, no, there will be no pretenders today. This oft-overlooked film remains one of the finest black-and-white films currently available on the market. Fomapan Creative ? First word: Fomapan. Who is Fomapan?

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And many of us are looking for ways to shave a few bucks off the cost of our favorite hobby. But all three perform similarly, aside from speed.

Great Performance As you might expect, Fomapan Classic and Creative have the best grain qualities; very fine and lots of detail. But honestly, Fomapan Action is nearly indistinguishable from the two slower speeds in terms of grain, contrast, and image quality. It renders images with exception detail, beauty and tonality, which hopefully comes across in the examples below.

But regardless, all five scanned well, rendering good results, the only real difference being in the level of shadow detail. Perfect for Sunny 16 That incredible latitude? Well, it makes Fomapan a really strong candidate for using the Sunny 16 method of exposure.

Strangely, Foma cite HC development times in their own Foma Retropan data sheet, but not in the regular Fomapan data sheets. Scans Great As a hybrid workflow guy, the scan quality with my Epson V is important, and Fomapan delivers great scans. The results really do speak for themselves. While not an issue for people who take their film to the lab, all flavors of Fomapan carry a vivid green anti-halation dye.

These present themselves as very, very tiny round white dots in the scans, at most 2 or 3 per image and not on every image which when zoomed-in on, appear to have splash-like edges around an otherwise perfectly circular dot.

In another roll, I saw stippling in the highlights when I zoomed-in tight on the image, as if someone used a dark pen and drew random hash marks on the image — oddly, all in the same direction parallel. I have no clue what this could possibly be. Off-hand, it seems as if I probably did something wrong during processing, but since I monitor temperatures and always do the same thing the same way, I find it strange. Hopefully the results above prove me right. Frequently Rebranded Fomapan seems to be a frequent candidate for rebranding.

Regardless, these folks have clearly picked both a willing partner, and a decent film stock, to put their own label upon. Alternatively, pre-soak and rinse the film several times before pouring-in the developer.

I thoroughly rinse the film after dumping-off the developer to ensure that none of the vivid green anti-halation dye remains to avoid polluting my stop both with it; with that level of rinse, the stop is probably redundant, but I do it anyway. Share this:.


Foma Fomapan 200

The above curves are from a standard 21 step tablet and measured with a densitometer. All shots taken with a calibrated shutter. Click above to download a larger version. The Film: Foma boasts that this is a new generation film. So kind of like TMax but only kind of. However, we really wanted to understand it before we really started using it. Speed: Our tests indicate that this film should really be exposed at ISO for the best shadow detail the curves above were exposed at ISO


FomaPan 200 Creative Test Data



Review: Fomapan 100, 200 and 400 Black and White Films (120)



Fomapan 200 Film Review


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