Ваша козырная карта — манда, и вы трясете ею перед вашими оппонентами. Предлагаете ее. Если б не половой орган, вас бы вообще никто не слушал. Мужчины могут жить без любви, но не без секса. Женщинам необходима любовь, а без секса они могут и обойтись. Замужество — что государственные облигации, которые мы покупаем за их надежность.

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Nov 29, Asghar Abbas rated it it was amazing Reading annually since , I have yet to read a more original work which is this innovative. This has been out since and still waiting for another book to move me like Fools Die did. I love Fools Die and because of it, I love Puzo even more. I understood him with this work. And admired him for it. Still, do. What makes Fools Die stand out among all the contemporary work, and what I truly like about Reading annually since , I have yet to read a more original work which is this innovative.

What makes Fools Die stand out among all the contemporary work, and what I truly like about this book, is that unlike its peers, Fools Die is not a defeatist book.

Despite the prevalent theme of death, the book is about life and the joy of living. No book has quite captured the tragedy of being a writer than Fools Die. A truly underrated book, a classic that you can actually enjoy and laugh aloud with. Read this and tell me that I am wrong. This remains my favorite book, a book that has touched me like no other, despite sometimes lacking in depth and character growth but that was the part of the theme.

How the monsters in us remain unchanged. No matter what, no matter where no matter when, this book will always amaze me, it will always inspire me. A perennial love, this book always will be for me.

This is Mario Puzo at his philosophical best. Heck, Tyrion Lannister could have written this book or Rust Cohle! No No. Not the Taxman, haha. But it contains some very sage advice, in a skewed kind of way. What I love most about Fools Die, apart from its unusual, unique style of writing complete with split narration alternative point of view chapter the fact that it was one different pov chapter is what makes it special and so close to my heart, is that nothing is spelled out for us.

Basically, all the things that are necessary for storytelling. Puzo just skirted around that, like that. I loved how we are supposed to guess the timeline too. The book is set after WWII sure, the early part is the s definitely. And that our hero remained the same even when he stopped being one and became a villain. He never stood up for those who were always there in his corner, rooting for him. I love that. Even if you have Eva Green beside you.


Mario Puzo

The protagonist, John Merlyn, is mostly based on Mario Puzo himself. None of these now close friends have met before meeting in Vegas, and indeed they are not long term friends, but simply people who for their own personal reasons have decided to stay in the hotel to gamble. The intro has adventures both gambling and womanizing in Vegas. Cully Cross permanently decides to stay in Las Vegas, and through his prowess as a gambler and a hustler, he has caught the eye of Alfred Gronevelt, the Xanadu Hotel owner. Gronevelt eventually recruits Cully as a key employee, and as time goes on, he grooms Cully as his second in command, and Cully prospers running the casino, and acting as a casino host. In New York, John Merlyn, who was an orphan and is now a government worker and moonlighting novel writer, struggles to make ends meet for his family.


Fools Die Quotes


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