This section is missing, please fill it in. The enemies here are mostly level 26 and 27 some will be level 29 enemies in Dragon Knight Saga. An anti-dragon zone protects the centre of the fortress, where Xanlosch , Isabelle , and Stone are. The fortress consists of several platforms at different elevations, which makes use of your dragon form necessary.

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The incredible new fantasy epic that began with The Dark Glory War continues in Fortress Draconis In an age of treachery and peril, a young thief may be the prophesied savior From Michael A. Stackpole, "New York Times bestselling author and a master of epic fantasy, comes a stirring chronicle of magic, intrigue, passion, and the most unlikely of heroes Once one of the grandest of human cities, Yslin now has a dark heart known as the Dimandowns.

And when Will, an orphaned young thief from the Dim, plots to prove himself to his master by stealing a prize from the exiled Elves who share the fetid slums, his theft of the strange artifact snares him in a web of prophecy. To them, Will could be the fulfillment of a long-held dream and the last chance the world has to save itself from Chytrine, the northern tyrant who would be empress of the world.

But their belief in Will finds few allies in a world torn by war and magick. For who better to destroy a hero than the ill-fated heroes of the previous generation, survivors of a failed war to exterminate Chytrine, now corrupted to her service? Yet even as Will is tested, a new generation takes up arms where their predecessors failed. Alexia, princess of a dead nation, leads an army to oppose Chytrine.

And the sorcerers of Vilwan have fashioned theirown hero, Kerrigan Reese, bestowing upon him powers and abilities no human has held for centuries. Together these heroes travel to the mysterious Fortress Draconis to stop Chytrine from stealing more fragments of the DragonCrown -- a powerful artifact that, once in her control, will guarantee her dominion forever.

While Stackpole might not be as prolific as certain others within the genre, his books surely make up in quality what they lack in quantity.


Stone's Flying Fortress

I loved all aspects of this book. Her being brought up by the bird-people of the Gyrkyme gives her an interesting background, but Alyx is too proud for my tastes. Other two main heroes, Will and Kerrigan, are more remarkable since they start out as rather weak and grow throughout the book. Will starts the book as a street urchin and thief, and he possesses according personality.


Fortress Draconis (2002)

In ages long past the powerful sorcerer Kirun created the crown using Dragon Heartstones gifted to him by the Dragon Council. Each Stone held the soul of an old and powerful dragon. Drawing from their strength, Khurn wove spells and created a crown that allowed the wearer, if they are powerful enough, to bend Dragons to their will. Chytrine has been trying to recover the crown fragments while the people of the southern kingdoms fight to protect them because if Chytrine could wield the power of the crown, none could stand before her. Three childhood friends Leigh Norrington, Tarrant Hawkins, and Rounce Playfair are joined by a newcomer Naysmith Carver as they are sent out into the forest to prove themselves worthy of earning their adult masks to replace their recently received moonmasks. In Oriosa, a person without a mask has no identity and is a shame to his family. While out in the forest their hidden guide is killed and the boys must fight a monstrous temeryx.


Fortress Draconis



The DragonCrown War Cycle


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