Samujora Makesure that the power supply cable and pins areproperly aligned with the connector on themotherboard. It is recommendedto keep the default setting. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. It is suggested to select high-quality, certified fans in order to avoiddamage to the motherboard and CPU due high temperatures. It also allowsusers to monitor various temperature values, voltage values, frequency and fanspeed at any time.

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Use the arrow keys to select among the items and press toaccept or go to the sub-menu. Main Menu Note:We do not suggest that you change the default parameters in the BIOS Setup, and we shall not be responsible for any damage thatresult from any changes that you make.

Advanced Chipset Features The values for the chipset can be changed through this menu, and the sys-tem performance can be optimized. Integrated Peripherals Onboard peripherals can be set up through this menu.

Power Management Setup All the items of Green function features can be set up through this menu. Load Optimized Defaults The optimal performance settings can be loaded through this menu,however, the stable default values may be affected. Use the arrow keys select the item to set up, andthen use the or keys to choose the setting values. Date This option allows you to set the desired date usually as the current date withthe format.

Time This option allows you to set up the desired time usually as the current time with format. Video The following table is provided for your reference in setting the display mode foryour system. MONO Monochrome adapter, including high resolution monochrome adapters. Halt On This category determines whether or not the computer will stop if an error isdetected during powering up. No Errors The system boot will not stop for any errors that maybe detected.

All, But Keyboard The system boot will not stop for a keyboard error; butit will stop for all other errors. All, But Diskette The system boot will not stop for a diskette error; but it willstop for all other errors. Total Memory Total memory of the system. Setting these items are goodfor overlock. Warning:Be sure your selection is right. Overclocking will be dangerous!

We will not be responsible for any damage caused. Using different CPU,the setting values are different. If this function is enabled and someone attempts to write data intothis area, BIOS will show a warning message on screen and an alarm will beep. The setting values are: Disabled and Enabled. Note: Such function provides protection to the start-up sector only; it doesnot protect the entire hard disk. The magnetichead will move back and forth from A to B.

Otherwise, leave this optionat the default. Thissettings specifies how long the BIOS has to wait. If any other program writes to this memory area, a system errormay result. The aperture is a portion of the PCI memory address range dedicated forgraphic memory address space. The available settingvalues are: Disabled and Enabled.

Note: this function does not work when the external display card is used. Note: Do not try to set the same values for serial ports 1. The setting value is determined by the infrared module installed on the board. It is recommendedto keep the default setting.

Thisitem enables you to determine the infrared function of the onboard infrared chip. The available options are Off remain in turn off status , On restart and Former-Sts resume with the pre-vious status. In other words, it is a standard thatdescribes how computer components work together to manage systemhardware.

The status of the computer before it enters STR will be saved inmemory, and the computer can quickly return to previous status when the STRfunction wakes. The system willautomatically wake up when the Modem receives an incoming call.

This function is only validfor systems using an ATX power supply. This function needs to be supported by the relevant hardware andsoftware. In order to use thisfunction, the start-up password function must be canceled.

Also, the PC powersource must not be turned off. The setting values contain However, since this motherboardhas no ISA slot, this option does not apply. When thetemperature exceeds the setting value, the motherboard will automatically cutoff power to the computer.

A dialogue box will pop up that allows you toload the default BIOS settings. Select and then press to load thedefaults.

Select and press to exit without loading. The defaults setby BIOS set the basic system functions in order to ensure system stability. But ifyour computer cannot POST properly, you should load the fail-safe defaults torestore the default settings, then carry out failure testing. If you only intend toload the defaults for a specific option, you can select the desired option andpress the key. Select this option and press , and a dialogue box will pop up to let youload the optimized BIOS default settings.

Select and then press toload the optimized defaults. The defaults set by BIOS are the optimized performance parameters for the system,to improve the performance of your system components. However, if the opti-mized performance parameters are not supported by your hardware devices, itwill likely cause system reliability and stability issues.

If you only want to load theoptimized default for a specific option, select the desired option and press the key. The User password canalso start the system. While the User password can be used to view the current CMOS settings, these settings cannot be modified using the User password. Thepassword you entered will replace any previous password. When prompted,key in the new password and press.

If you do not want to set a password, just press when prompted to entera password, and the following message will appear on the screen. If the incorrectpassword is typed, you will not be permitted to continue. The CD will automatically display the main menuscreen. Install Drivers Using this choice, you can install all the drivers for your motherboard.

You shouldinstall the drivers in order, and you need to restart your computer after the driv-ers are all installed.

Intel Chipset Driver B. Realtek Audio Driver C. Intel VGA Driver optional 2. Utility Use this option to install additional software programs. Foxconn ONE.





Drivers for Foxconn 865G7MF-SH Motherboard


ICND1 V2 EXAM 100-101 PDF

Foxconn 865G7MF-SH - motherboard - micro ATX - LGA775 Socket - i865G Specs & Prices


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