I know, without a doubt, this course will help you break free from the tyranny of the pick!!! This opening section covers the most fundamental exercises of all, the scales. Mastering these is essential and helps strengthen crossing over the strings in both direction as 2-string sweeps. I demonstrate the main positions for both Major and Minor Pentatonic scales up and down the fret board in the key of A. These pentatonic shapes are very unusual and quite difficult to play evenly because of the wide spacing of the notes on certain strings but again, these are an essential element of mastering the Sweep Picking Technique and exhilarating to play once you get them up to higher tempos.!

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Or a different one? Well, obviously being able to do it both ways is the best, but you know how it goes Extreme Pentatonics goes into Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.

Frank Gambale — Speed Picking I also gave Gambales stuff a shot many years ago and gave up and stuck to Gilberts alternate-picking style. Over the years of playing, performing and teaching guitar, one of the biggest problems encountered is not with the left hand fingerings as much as with the right hand picking technique.

I am going to try to buy Basic Training to see if it is as great as the others are, which it most likely is. Not sure if they deliver to Japan or not. I can play much much quicker while only using a fraction of the physical effort that is needed for strict alternate picking. I think Economy picking is the best way But Gambale is very rigid with it, sticking to the up 3 up 3 up 2 down 3 type of Ideas.

First of all the CD that comes with the book features exercises that sound incredibly good. MichaelApr 5, I mean, Rusty Cooley is like a bazillion times better than me, so it might not be helpful to me at all. Do you already have an account? Pseed this; too lazy to put into a tab. Guitar booksJazz. Share This Page Tweet. Yes, my password is: No, create an account now. Get every single Rusty Cooley video.

My fingers feel really really weird. The main idea of it is 3 nps and 4 nps pentatonic ideas. A very useful approach. E string 8 10 12 A 8 10 12 D 9 10 12 G 9 10 12 B 10 12 13 e 10 12 13 For a turn around, e 10 12 13 12 10 Then go backwards from before.

Any advice on the fastest way to get used to this? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Thanks for the advice. Frnk in what increments? Every time you sweep from one string to the next your picking hand has to suddenly slow to half the speed of your regular alternating strokes. The method is revolutionary but makes perfect sense. Your name or email address: NarenApr 6, Gambale crank and demonstrates sweep arpeggios, speed picking licks, harmonic superimpositions, sequence licks, and more!

Try a less strict method, simply when ascending up to higher frak, use a down pick. Related Articles.


Speed Picking – Frank Gambale

He shows a great way for visualizing the fretboard. The method is revolutionary but makes perfect sense. Try this; too lazy to put into a tab. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. And in what increments?


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Frank Gambale - Speed Picking


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The Definitive Gambale Sweep Picking


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