Sign in to create or edit a product review. Great fluff, a mite short on crunch. I love that. I like it when the Society feels like an actual company with actual work that needs to be done, rather than an agglomeration of quirky adventurers. This made me feel like a professional.

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I need you to take charge of these captives and get them out of Irrisen safely and quietly. Of course, we will cover the expense of your travel in full, and provide maps to lead you to the meeting point in Irrisen. You are responsible for avoiding unexpected trouble between the handoff and Trollheim. You need to know this. Your prisoners will be goblins.

The Shadow Lodge separatists made extensive use of the sadistic creatures as soldiers and servants, and as much as you may want to throttle them, please remember that we need them alive.

Know Local dc Goblins are insane and sadistic. They have a strong hatred of dogs and a fear of horses, both rivaled only by their unnatural love of fire and destruction. Goblins have fast metabolisms and find hunger painful.

Tying the goblins up and forcing them to march will be problematic. Know Geography dc The party will be crossing a disputed border between two warring countries—Irrisen and the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. There is no easy way to cross the Iceflow River, which forms the border between the nations north of the mighty Rimeflow River, without attracting unwanted attention from Ulfen defenders who may not look kindly on goblins passing through their lands.

It is eternally winter in Irrisen, and a lot of food is imported. There are no crops or easily obtained foodstuffs except those gained through fishing and some hunting of migratory animals. Snow goblins are citizens in Irrisen.

This is definitely true in Whitethrone, but one might expect them to have some degree of social rank everywhere else. He is wearing well made armor and carries a wooden shield. The only weapons viewable on him are a dagger and a sling. Though he looks to have a wand strapped to his belt. Hanging from his neck is a wooden amulet with a lantern carved design that is not painted or embellished in anyway. Hullric listens to the Chamberlain and says nothing.

After listening to the final words, he nods and leaves the room with the others. He then greets everyone, "Well met everyone. I am called Hullric. It seems we have an interesting mission on hand. Protect some goblins. Hope they will be cooperative and not make it more difficult for us. They can be unpredictable and cruel. Keep fire away from them, they love to play.

My name is Akhila, I am a student of magic. Of all kinds. Fumbling around in his blackened clothes he pulls out a small white roll of paper that almost gleams against the background of black. Pulling the hood of his cloak back far enough to expose the lower half of his face, he brings the paper to his lips and holds his fingers in front of his face for a second before moving his head slightly to look at the venture captain and asking in a low voice, "Wait, I should ask if this is okay in here first.

After the third or fourth snap his face is illuminated by a small flmae extending form the tip of his thumb. He brings it to his paper and lights it. The thing slowly begins to smoke. After taking a slow puffs of his tabacco, Zailus listens to the briefing. When it finishes, he steps forward into the room, stubbing out his tabacco and pulling his hood off completely. Finally getting a good ook at his face it becomes clear the has some Keleshite blood, sporting the almond eyes, but with hair the color of burnished bronze.

Adn in the better light his outer leayer of clothing reveals its self to be a very dark peices of leather stiched together. On one larger piece of leather in the center is the only piece of color in his outfit, a multi-colored songbird. Zailu turns his head to look at everyone in the room, revealing a red flame-shaped scar on his neck.

He extends a hand to everyone in turn and introduces himself. I guess I might want to trade that warm weather outfit I jsut bought for something that can keep me warm.

Her posture looks rather rigid. Her dark hair is tied back in a long ponytail. As she listens, she nods slightly at every new piece of information Valsin gives them. She never takes her eyes off him, intent on not missing any piece of information. When he is done talking, she nods briskly. When Zailus mentions cold-weather outfits, she nods. Do we have some time to get supplies? When Zailus speaks out about fire, Kalak scowls for a second.


“The Frostfur Captives” recap (May 23, 2014)

Huh huh huh huh!! I passed these to Thea, who put her own touches on them, and stole her ideas back. Ankleknocker was one of the most ambitious goblins in the clan, until he attempted to drill holes in his own skull. He has five of them now, and each one hurts a little less than the last one.


The Frostfur Captives


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