Order ebook: Kindle Nook Sarafina Connell is having the worst week of her life. It takes an even darker turn when an infamous playboy kidnaps her and reveals a world she never knew existed…. They could use a woman like her—a witch with an untapped gift for creating fire. Rescued from her captors, Sarafina is introduced to a coven that is duty-bound to fight the forces of darkness. She just never figured it would be while she was still breathing.

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Shelves: paranormal , romance Maybe not 4 stars but higher than 3. This is the concluding novel in a quartet that started off weak but ended up strong. That really kept me reading the series. A few things I enjoyed about this novel: For once, the hero and heroine did not sleep with each other right away. In the last three books, Maybe not 4 stars but higher than 3. In the last three books, less than a quarter of the way in, the two main characters are having sex, with obvious feelings for each other, but masking it as sexual tension.

In this novel, however, Theo tries to hold out This not only goes well with his personality and character actions in the past book, it makes it just slightly more believable. While that was nice touch, it was weird to me that Theo would just slip--teasing and foreplaying with Sarafina--throughout the beginning of the book. So again, while it was nice that Bast delayed the sex and intimacy because of his personality, the execution of it was poorly tacked on.

What differentiated Witch Fire from Witch Fury was the fact that Sarafina was slightly more relatable. She struggled with her powers in the beginning. In fact, she sucked! It took weeks of practice to even get somewhere.

A big thing that drew me to this book was that it kept me guessing. There were a few plot twists and minor surprises that kept me intrigued throughout. The other three novels basically allowed the readers to comprehend what was happening. This story held out a bit more on the plot which added to the suspense.

Sarafina was okay. I liked that she was her own person and tried to take things into her own hands. But that still lead to her stupid and impulsive decisions. I think my favorite heroine in the series has still been Isabelle. I think the author did a great job at keeping the integrity of Theo.

Obviously she created him and can change him to her liking, but based on his personality in the past books, she stayed close to that in this novel. Last thing I liked: "Now we have you and your little dog, too" --great allusion to Wizard of Oz.

I laughed. Now onto the problematic parts: This series has just gotten so repetitive She is MINE!!! Probably a good thing this series is ending here at 4.

I think the author could have benefitted from picking a different archetype. I swear to god the fact that the guy "grabbed her wrists It would have been great if they had different kinks and if the women were more in charge, at least some of the time. Both Mira and Sarafina are stupid though Yes, I know she later gets a birth control charm, but still. This lack of basic sex ed bothers me to no end Lastly I thought parts of the end after the final battle could have been cut and skipped.

I thought it was stupid that Theo and Sarafina got into the fight and she added the whole part in of them fighting and her in her apartment. It was completely unnecessary and ruined the mood. She just babbled on at him and left. Then the make up was so out-there.

Though I guess this is almost always a problem in books like these, so I should just accept it. Either way, fast and entertaining series to read. Still a lot of sex, but less. I was actually glad of this, Ive always said that Anya Bast actually has a great world and a great story if shed only cut down on all the excessive shagging. But without the endless shagging other annoyances became apparent - the tropes were annoying — big strong man must tell you what to do to protect you, oh delicate petal of womanhood.

But book 4? NB in no way shape or form are fire witches psychic… so why?



Shelves: werewolves , paranormal , romance , erotica , paranormal-romance , shapeshifters Really good for an erotica story. Well written, sexy, great description of a shifters PoV, and I really liked the characters. I should start by saying that I only read the words "shifter" "cougar" "Werewolf" "mate" and totally missed the "highly erotic" words. I readily admit that I usually avoid erotica as I like a "story" to my books not just steamy scenes. I love shifter books and the whole "true one mate" principal in books. So the story is that Nikki shifts into a cougar when she shifts.


Witch Fury

JoJor The over all plot of the series is brought to an end in this book but it felt a little rushed and I was hoping for a nast more. Last thing I liked: This is a super short story I think I read it in about thirty minutes. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our abst personal information. Yeah well so would I!!

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