In June of , Garmin announced the Oregon and t units. This series brings a built in camera, geotagging capablities of photos, a three axis compass, what Garmin says is improved visibility on the touchscreen and more capacity for waypoints and tracklogs. These units are now shipping read more on the series here and Garmin has also announced the Dakota series , a smaller, scaled back, but similar unit to the Oregon , , units. It also features terrain shading on the maps, which is a key feature of this product.

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I am new to GPS. Garmin Oregon t is my first entry. I would like to use UTM coordinates for positioning. I have been unsuccesful in entering UTM coordiates top create a destination and to retrieve coordiates for my present position.

The owners manual does not discuss this issue at all. Is this not a feature of the t? One question remains. Tim, you say the is basically the same as the but without the maps. What about on-board memory? According to specs, the has MB and the has 4GB.

If you bought the MapSource software for the PC, can you load maps onto a microSD card and have the unit use them from that, or will it only accept microSDs preloaded from Garmin? OK, so that was more than one question. Jim - June 5th, Jim- Yes, you can load maps on a card and use them. You can use MapSource to load the maps. However sites like gpsfiledepot have lots of Garmin compatible maps that are free. I am having a lot of trouble but not for the reasons your readers are citing.

I find the directions to be just horrible and the verbiage bottons descriptions to be either opaque or ambiguous. I still do not have a clue as to how to make a track and follow it back when hiking.

D button on it numerous times. However, compared to the topo program, the road program is as easy as Mapquest on the computer for a basic, How do I get to such and such an address? Does anyone make a step by step DVD on how to use this overpriced piece of useless technology. Thanks Looking for the same information, a CD that covers operation of t. I am getting old and need as much help as possible. Bryan - February 25th, Before reading these posts I considered purchasing the Oregon Sounds like there are a few issues that need to be resolved with this unit.

What handheld GPS in this class would you recommend. Brand is not a big deal I just want a good accurate GPS with majority of the features the Oregon has to offer. San - June 17th, San, keep in mind this review was written shortly after the Oregon was released. There have been lots of application updates since that time which have addressed a few issues. Tim - June 18th, I just got a t after being a long-time magellan user.

I have tried to line up the datum of the base map but there is no info on the base map. They are very helpful. I am planning on a t purchase very soon for many reason listed here and for others not addressed. First, as an old school navigator I find GPS as lazy and falling victim to the technology trap. If you do not know how to use a map and compass, I suggest you learn to in the event your batteries go dead on your GPS or some other event should render it useless.

Old man pride or hard head refuses to put a dedicated street GPS in the car. And that is where the t may prove to save my marriage some day.

Am I wrong in my assumption, Tim? While I understand there is no true dual use system, would this t be the closest unit out there to provide somewhat dedicated car 3-D graphics no voice direction of course of a car unit and provide all of the convenience of an adventure unit in the handheld? Thanks again for the review and help. Almost all reviews are negative to the Garmin Oregon display as hard to read. Is there a Garmin handheld with a good color screen especially in sunlight when sailing to recommend?

But 6 months ago I lost it, and replaced it with a The has a slightly larger display, but it is not as crisp. I have been very disappointed and would like to replace it again with a Garmin 60CSX as the lasts half as long on batteries, is usually much harder to see. I like to put the in a backpack and when going for a hike I use it. However many times the batteries are empty as it turned on and drained the batteries. I never had that problem with the Garmin 60CSX.

Oh yes the does have an advantage, a touch screen is nice, but noit at that price. All it could do was point that a highway was not too far away. It works great on the streets, but the GPS eats battery faster than the auto charger can replenish it. So it is only for short trips. I really am lost as I need one for loger trips, and for off-road travel that lets me know where I am — accurately. I also hate spinning wheels to enter data one fo the Garmins I tried out and after using touch screen technology, realized I want that.

I did look at the PN, the 60csx, this unit reviewed here and countless others… Any suggestions? I live in Okinawa and it is incredibly accurate! I used it while flying up to mainland Japan and it even worked on the plane as long as I was sitting by the window! This GPS unit is incredibly accurate and very rugged. I invested quite a bit of money in maps Japan, North America, Europe and it does give turn-by-turn directions.

The monitor works best in direct sunlight with the light turned completely DOWN! It is a little difficult to read on cloudy days, but in sunlight it works great!! Oregon t rocks!! I need to download one for Okinawa to geocache here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I received my map of Japan from a really good site based in Tokyo. You can order the map on CD where you can view it on your computer but that has a major disadavantage in that it would only be usable on your current GPSr, so if you ever get a new GPSr, it would not work.

In my opinion, the map is outstanding and very accurate. If you are into Geocaching, it will be a lifesaver. I hope this helps you out. Take care!! Garmin only has Brazil and Mexico. For a cyclist from Oregon retiring this fall, would the Garmin 60csx be a good gift? Cliff Gerber - September 15th, Cliff I have no idea, worse yet, I need a Garmin unit for the whole Central American outdoors, I work in agricultural Input and I need a map, at least fo rthe hiway system.

Please help. Ernie Ernesto - December 2nd, Tom, thanks for the info. We just just got into it. Thanks for the good information! I see there is a function for it on the main menu, but want to be sure to purchase the correct model.

James - October 24th, Great comments guys, thanks for that. I am planning to purchase a good mapping handheld GPS and have come down to the Magellan Triton and the Garmin or t. The Magellan reviews are very scary so i will most likely go with teh Garmin. My problem is that I live in US but will use the unit mostly in Europe for back country skiing.

It seems i am not able to purchase the t with the EU pre-loaded maps. Can i get around this by buying the Oregon , and then buying the EU topo map package? Will it be the same unit after that? Good luck! Best of luck to you and enjoy!! I will mainly use backpacking and occassionally on boat with optional charts. Which screen is easier to read. Does the advantage of touch screen outweigh any diffenence in screen visibility? I understand that the Colorado has just a slightly better viewing screen than the Oregon but the Oregon is touch screen and that is what appeals to everyone.

I have the Oregon t and am very, very, very happy with it. You can get the Oregon t now very cheap and it is not going to be obsolete any time soon. Screen visability is very good in direct sunlight turning down the backlight all the way help alot but a little difficult to see on cloudy days turning up the backlight to the halfway mark helps alot.

Good luck to you!!


Garmin Oregon 400t review

I am new to GPS. Garmin Oregon t is my first entry. I would like to use UTM coordinates for positioning. I have been unsuccesful in entering UTM coordiates top create a destination and to retrieve coordiates for my present position. The owners manual does not discuss this issue at all.


Garmin Colorado 400t Owner's Manual

Use alkaline, NiMH, or lithium batteries. To install the batteries: 1. Lift the latch and remove the battery cover. Battery cover 2.

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