Plot summary[ edit ] The book begins roughly 5 months after the events of Evil Genius. Cadel is now living with foster parents in a state of legal limbo, not knowing where he was born or his true father. His life is made even worse due to his foster brother "Mace" real name: Thomas is constantly bullying him. With no school to attend due to his questionable legal status, Cadel spends his time either on the computer, idling or visiting Sonja. The police and the FBI also occasionally turn up to question him on what he knows about Dr.

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Shelves: young-adult-fiction , read-when-in-uni This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book was just as great as the first book "Evil Genius" but in a different way. This time it is not so much about Cadel and his genius strategies as it is about Cadel trying to overcome his dark side and unintentionally walking right into a trap.

This book begins a couple of months after the last. Cadel is now in foster care with Prosper English safely behind bars. But nothing is well for Cadel - Propser English refuses to admit Cadel is his son, the police are unable to find anyone other than Cadel as a key witness to testify against that villain, Cadel himself is living in the most abominable conditions possible - in a foster home with a thug kid called Mace who enjoys bullying Cadel and with very little computer time and on top of that no country or university is ready to accept Cadel.

With all these worries it is no wonder that when contacted to become part of the Genius Squad in order to bring down a fraudulent organisation called GENOME he accepts the offer of living in Clearview House with Sonja. Everyone else believes it to be accommodation for hard done by kids while in reality it is a cover for bringing together genius kids to take down an organisation.

Or perhaps we are meant to marvel at how smart Cadel really is in relation to these other kids. He can take all the various possibilities into account and has a very cynical outlook on everything which makes it hard to fool him. I guess the Axis Institute was good for something after all!

I loved the two new characters, Saul and Fiona, that were introduced in this book even if they made the ending utterly predictable. The moment we had that scene between Saul, Fiona and Cadel I looked up and told my brother - they are going to get married and adopt him huh?

Never one to spoil the suspense by brother kept quiet but heh I was right. Another one is the reunion scene when Saul finally finds Cadel locked inside somewhere that Propser had hidden him. Oh there are just so many memorable scenes! I agree with my brother that Part 4 - when Prosper English breaks out of gaol and kidnaps Cadel, is the most exciting part of the book. Not only because of the chase but because you come to appreciate just where Cadel has learnt his genius ways from.

Prosper is every bit as cunning and conniving and it is a marvel to see how he had planned everything all along! While Cadel thought he had taken charge of his life it was actually Propser pulling strings and seeing his wonderfully laid out plan come to fruition. Overall a good follow up and I can not wait for Genius Wars.


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