Once you do that, just install and activate the plugin. Go to Pages and select the page where you want to add the document. Next, upload the file to the same page through the Add Media option. The file will now show on the page with a download option. This is how it will look: You can adjust the height and width of the embedded document from the General settings of the plugin.

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Please feel free to email support wp-glogin. How can I embed Drive Folders in my website? You will need to purchase either the premium or enterprise version of Google Drive Embedder from our website. The Enterprise version of Google Drive Embedder integrates Drive much more closely with your WordPress intranet, essentially allowing each page or post on your intranet to host its own file attachments, completely backed by Drive.

This means you no longer need to manage Drive and your Intranet as two completely separate document sharing systems! Embed should be enabled for many non-native file types e.

Please get in touch send your file or share with us if possible , and we will see if it can be supported — email contact wp-glogin. To embed Google Drive Folders or image file types, you will require the premium or enterprise version of the plugin. You will be notified if that is the case for your selected file.

How does the plugin respect Google Drive sharing settings? This setting is essential for third-party file types such as Word and PDF otherwise all visitors will see unintelligible content. You can use lower sharing settings for Google documents e. If so, click it to turn it off! If you reload your published page or post in WordPress, it should now display properly, or at least give a message saying that the document type is unsupported.

Please get in touch if not! You could have disabled API access completely, so take a look in your GA admin panel and look for anything obvious. After changing settings, you should logout of WordPress and Google, then refresh and try all over again. How is this different to the plugin Google Doc Embedder? It has nothing much to do with Google, other than the fact it uses an online Google service to render documents.

Why do I also need to install the Google Apps Login plugin? For those of your users who choose to Login via Google to connect to your WordPress site, they only need to authenticate once to be able to browse their Google Drive through the Google Drive plugin, rather than having to click a second time to allow Drive access. Because of this, the Google Drive plugin itself requires no configuration at all — it is delegated to Google Apps Login.

For Multisite Network, this means that admins can set up Google Apps Login network-wide, but safely defer the choice of activating any further plugins which extend Google Apps Login to individual site administrators. I have installed Google Apps Login plugin but the Google Drive plugin still says I need to install it Are you sure you have upgraded to the latest version — must be 2.

Have you also configured the plugin? How can I purchase the premium or enterprise version? You can purchase a license here: What are the system requirements?

PHP 5. April I wanted a plugin where the visitors could preview the files from within my website. Luckily there was another method I found link: stackoverflow. Excellent support cjouper The first one set up very easily, but the second one had some issues. I asked for technical support and had an excellent response from the support team.

Highly recommend! For example, interfering with the login screen should be at the request of the user. Januar After some trouble configuring the plugin, I have to say that the support is awesome! They helped me more than expected, spending hours!!

And the plugins works as expected!


Google Doc Embedder

Pin Do you want to embed a Google form in WordPress? Google Forms are easy to embed anywhere and are particularly useful when you need to share the form on multiple websites. In this article, we will show you how to embed a Google form in WordPress. It is true, that WordPress form builders are easier to use. They are integrated into your WordPress site, so you can show users a special offer, accept payments , create custom login forms , user registration forms , and more. However, sometimes you may need to share a form on different websites, email lists , and platforms so that all form responses are stored at the same location. In such situations, Google Forms can be an easier option.

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How To Embed Google Docs To WordPress Posts & Pages


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