Even though I read the book a million times it was sooo much better in audio. I cried multiple times even though I knew what was going to happen because I have read it so many times I still cried. I really love that we get to see Eli and Alanso in this book makes me excited for the Hot Rods series to come out in audio! Of course the reason I enjoyed this book so much and cried a lot was because of the wonderful Gregory Salinas he does such a good job with each character and his Alanso hmm This is a smokin hot ending for the series.

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With Powertools, Jayne Rylon has created a group of characters filled with trust, passion, love and acceptance for one another that is sinfully sexy and beyond beautiful both inside and out. While the books can stand alone individually, they are best read in order unless you want to spoil the progression of the relationships that build throughout the stories. Joe and Morgan have come to grips with the fact that they are unable to conceive.

While that in itself is difficult for the couple, being around a very pregnant Kate is a constant reminder of what Morgan cannot have. When Morgan and Joe finally break down and air the feelings they have harbored, the crew is right there with them and ready to show just how dedicated they are to the happiness of their family.

In true Powertools fashion, they plan a picture perfect evening of bliss filled with gorgeous naked men and Morgan in the middle. With all of her friends by her side, Morgan is given a gift from each of the men that will hopefully lead to the child she and Joe have always wanted.

Anxiously waiting to see if their efforts worked, the crew continues with their day to day lives. After weeks go by and Morgan falls ill while out with Kayla, she is rushed home while Joe and Dave head out to check on them. It is up to the entire crew to pull together and show their support in order to prove that love, trust, and friendship can get them through even the darkest of times.

What an emotional ride! I cried happy tears, and sad tears as I gripped the edge of my seat wondering how this would turn out. I have fallen in love with each of these characters throughout the series and my heart broke in the last book when Kayla and Joe discovered they could not have children. Once again I am enthralled with the love and acceptance the crew has for one another and in this story, they introduce a couple of new characters that I am curious about Jayne Rylon, is there is new series coming our way with these sexy mechanics?

I am a reader that is not shy about liking various types of relationships and I simply love that Jayne conveys such a beautiful connection between the men and the women in these stories.

The way the men accept one another sexually is beautiful and at times raw and honest. That those same men look to their women while enjoying the company of other men shows their strength and confidence in who they are and that they are honest with what they enjoy sexually.

The support the women show for one another is gentle and touching as well and highlights the strength the women draw from one another both sexually and emotionally. What is most inspiring to me is the way the crew comes together to pull one of their own out of a very dark place. When tragedy strikes and giving up seems like the only option, they refuse to let this person give up and give them no choice but to love both physicially and emotionally in order to see that things will be alright.

While the stories are short, they always blow me away and leave me wishing I could be part of that little circle even if for one night. Another great chapter in the Powertools saga that left this book addict very satisfied!


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