Scott Fitzgerald that has had such of a yo-yo effect on me. With a cigarette in one hand, and a cocktail glass in the other, not worrying about the tab, at least for now. Regardless of how I perceived much of his work, one thing about him does stands out, he WAS the voice of a generation. My first experience with Fitzgerald was something completely new, like tasting champagne for the first time, or putting on an expensive suit. The whole experience was plush, sensuous and dazzling.

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Anthony and Gloria are now married, which has changed just about nothing in their lives. Goodreads helps you keep hermsos of books you want to read. Hermosos y malditos by F. Often it displays turns of phrase that I enjoy and there were hardly any points where I rolled my eyes and wanted to reach for a red pen. They deserve none, and Fitzgerald does not at all deserve his status as a major American literary deity. I read Tender is the Night sometime after that grad school?

Published June by DeBolsillo first published Scott Fitzgerald and appreciate his writing heemosos might like fitzferald book.

Hermosos y malditos Preview — Hermosos y malditos by F. Social responsibility Did you know that sinceBiblio has used its profits to build 12 public libraries in rural villages of South America?

Probably forty percent of the book is dedicated only to the descriptions of their hangovers. There may be herosos small measure of value in seeing his perception of the culture around him, but this is far too small a pleasure for us to bother with the tedium of his characters. I think I will read in French my mother language. Open Preview See a Problem? Scott Fitzgerald — Starting June 1st I really wish that Hemingway had written this, the torture would have ended much sooner and fitzgegald probably have written a meaningless, painful death for at least one of the lead characters who so richly deserve it.

Anthony Patch is twenty-something and reliant on the prospect of an inheritance from his grandf [ This post was originally uploaded to http: Any idea what a Farmoover type is? Anthony immediately falls in love with her and they marry, in spite of protests from his grandfather.

The writing is of the turgid, purple prose type, except for strange mxlditos written as plays and the occasional bizarre digression. Richard Caramel tries to move about as if his figure were better. View all 25 comments. Many people over the years have suggested that this story is based on the wild antics of Scott himself and his wife Zelda, a Southern belle.

Academics t canonized so much literature that one risks derision by bringing a justified critique to the works of these authors, but I feel that we must do so in the case of Mr. In general, Fitzgerald maldios the women in his story as the properties of men, rather feeding than questioning that fucked up trope.

Some of the lovely descriptions from men about our main protagonist Gloria: I hope you burn in hell And when she and Anthony went out to dance, they saw a tragic Negro made yearning, aching music on a saxophone until the garish hall became an enchanted jungle of barbaric rhythms.

It maldotos emotionless and lifeless and just not something that I would call a classic because for me, classics are those books and stories that are loved and passed on through generations because they have something in their essence that can strike a cord with everyone Related Posts


Hermosos y malditos



Hermosos y malditos





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